EA Reveals Gamescom 2017 Plans, New Gameplay and Surprise Announcements Expected

EA Gamescom2017

Electronic Arts is gearing up for Gamescom2017 and as always, they are going to allow a lot of visitors to play first iterations of their popular games along with some positive announcements.

Most gamers believe that E3 is the biggest gaming expo of them all but Gamescom is equally big and is going to be held in Cologne, Germany as they have always had. EA confirmed their plans for the event and the games that will be playable on the show floor. The EA Live Show will take place on August 21st which begins at 9:30 AM PT during which they will broadcast live gameplay videos of their upcoming titles. It will also reveal matches, possibly from Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 along with a couple of “surprise” announcements.

EA Gamescon2017 star wars battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefield II StarFighter Assault Mode could be the biggest launch of the day as it will show gameplay from one of EA’s biggest games which thankfully also includes a single player campaign this time. The title is still in its beta stage as it gears up for launch by the end of the year. Players and industry experts who manage to be there at Gamescom this year will also be able to play games including Need for Speed Payback, Battlefield 1, Battlefront II and FIFA 18.

In the Name of the Tsar is the big expansion pack coming to Battlefield 1 which will be open for players to try in the show floor. The company is also planning to give equal importance to mobile games such as Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, FIFA Mobile during this event. While most games will be for PS4, Xbox One and PCs, it is good to know that mobile games have found their way into one of the biggest gaming expos of the year.

EA along with its partners and vendors will be bringing 400 gameplay stations. Such a massive number of stations will be setup so that players could compete with each other in Star Wars titles or the new expansion pack for Battlefield 1. They can also race to their hearts content in NFS Payback. The huge number of gameplay stations will ensure there are hardly any waiting times and players will actually be able to experience the titles without having to put up with the crowd as it happened at E3 2017.

EA Gamescon2017 NFS payback

Electronic Arts had added that they have more announcements to make before the event begins in the month of August along with a few surprise announcements which will not be talked about until Gamescom EA Live Show.

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