Linkedin Lite for Android Launched in India, Coming to 60 Other Countries

linkedin lite india

Following the large trend of launching lighter and less data consuming versions of popular apps, Linkedin Lite has been officially launched in India today and will soon be rolled out to 60 other countries where internet speeds are a huge hindrance to the general public.

The newest Linkedin Lite is immediately available for all Indian users who own an Android phone. The app has been developed by a team located in India and the home grown idea is expected to bring in a lot of professionals online so that they could further expand their professional network. The website owned by Microsoft has over 500 million users and an individual’s profile on the site determines the skills, contacts they have developed through the years. It also helps people find jobs easily which is why a Lite version was much needed for those who are in cities in India where 2G data is the norm.

linkedin lite

Surprisingly, the Lite version is just 1 MB the smallest of them all. While there are already apps like Facebook Lite, Skype Lite and Twitter Lite, the size of this new app is small and handy even for entry level budget smartphones. For the budget constraint country like India, smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Motorola had already launched devices priced close to $120 that run on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.

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These phones are usually powered by Snapdragon 420 series and other entry level processors with limited RAM. The Linkedin Lite should run seamlessly on these smartphones which may or may not support 4G network. Even for those who have a good smartphone, the problem with spotty networks that still run on 2G speeds make it difficult. Apart from these reasons, the 1 MB size of the app makes it extremely easy to install and keep it handy on your smartphone which is usually filled up to the brim with tens of similar apps all the time.

linkedin lite mobile

With the latest Linkedin Lite, users will be able to do a wide variety of important activities including,

  • Search jobs within their professional network
  • Search for people, alumni, companies and join forums
  • Get in touch with people you already know and manage your profile
  • Stay updated with latest industry news
  • Edit or update your profile with latest job role, education skills and so on

With all these features and the meager file size, the lite version of the app is a must have on your smartphones.

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