Early Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Rumored After Galaxy Note 7 Disaster

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the phone expected to succeed the Galaxy S7, but this will should be happening next year.

Months before this, stories of the flagship are hard to avoid. More and more details have begun showing up, especially now that the Galaxy Note 7 – a phone the Galaxy S8 is expected to take after – has ended up becoming a huge disaster. According to reports coming from the UK, the South Korean tech giant is working hard on the next flagship, a phone that could also see an earlier than usual launch date.

In addition to making the Galaxy S8 available earlier than normal, Samsung will reportedly do away with the flat-screened models in favor of edge-only handsets. However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be two screen sizes as before – a 5.1-inch variant and a 5.5-inch variant. The difference will be that both of next year’s handsets will have curved dual-edge screens. Even though the report doesn’t mention an exact date, it is believed that the supposed early launch of the phone is aimed at taking care of the disaster caused by the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8

In addition to the design language, Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to borrow a few other features from the Galaxy Note 7. Apparently, the iris scanner will be retained on the S8, but there is also talk of a dual-lens camera setup, something that was expected with the Note 7 but did not materialize. Meanwhile, current owners of the Note 7 can expect to start receiving replacement units from September 21, but other regions may have to wait until October 21 – a whole month.

Samsung has an exchange program that allows current Galaxy Note 7 owners to get a new Note 7, a Galaxy S7 Edge or even a full refund. Whether the Galaxy S8 will be a device worth waiting is still very hard to tell, but for sure, Samsung will do everything possible to make it a much more appealing handset than the Galaxy Note 7. In essence, the S8 will come in to delete the good memories that the Note 7 destroyed.

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