Apple iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 – Next-Gen Phones’ Features Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Apple iPhone 7 is less than a few days old in the market, but there are fresh details emerging regarding the next-gen iPhone 8.

The phone has been tipped to bring the major changes in design, features, specs and deliver on many other areas that the iPhone 7 is deemed to have failed. While the Galaxy S8 was meant to be a phone that takes over the success of the Galaxy Note 7, it has turned out to be a phone that will salvage the phablet. The Note 7 has turned out to be a disaster for Samsung, something that means the release of the S8 will be aimed at saving the market for Samsung.

So, how are these two next-gen phones preparing for the tough future ahead?

Apple iPhone 8

Home button

The iPhone 7 made some tremendous improvements on the home button, bringing in support for haptic feedback. Now, the iPhone 8 will reportedly do away with the home button and instead come in with a virtual alternative that works from inside the display unit of the phone. Apparently, the iPhone 8 will come with a full-screen face that has zero bezels and features an under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Design changes

In addition to making over the home button, the Apple iPhone 8 will also include some real design changes. For starters, there will be a new ceramic substance used that makes the phone light, super-smooth as well as resistant to scratches. This is the same substance that is being used in the latest Apple Watch Edition. The change in design material could also be because Cupertino is seriously looking at including wireless charging on the next-gen iPhone 8, especially after missing out on the same with respect to this year’s iPhone.

No dual-lens camera support

Apple introduced a dual-lens camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus, but this is nowhere near the iPhone 7. This is expected to be retained on the iPhone 8, where the larger iPhone 8 Plus will be the only model with the dual-lens camera setup.

iPhone 8

Edge-to-edge screen

Apple could finally embrace the edge-to-edge screen by packing the iPhone 8 in a wraparound screen. This means that there are no bezels while the likes of the camera, microphone, home button and speakers will all be integrated into the main display.

Samsung Galaxy S8

On the other hand, Samsung is rumored to be pushing for an early Galaxy S8 launch following the issues of the Galaxy Note 7. In this regard, a lot has been coming in and we have some of the best for you.

Edge-only displays

Samsung’s choice to release a Galaxy Note 7 that features a dual-edge display was a confirmation that the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S8 will take this direction. Recent rumors have also pointed towards the same, meaning we’ll have a 5.1-inch variant with a curved display, similar to the 5.5-inch Galaxy S8.

Dream prototypes

With Google set to unveil its first Daydream VR headset at the upcoming October 4 event alongside the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, it has also emerged that the next Samsung Galaxy S8 phones will be built under codenames Dream and Dream2. In short, expect to see a Galaxy S8 that is Daydream-ready. Furthermore, design changes are expected when the S8 is unveiled, especially since Apple’s iPhone 8 will be focusing more on the same.

Samsung Galaxy S8

No 3.5mm headphone jack

Samsung is reportedly set to take down the same lane as Apple by ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy S8. Although still a rumor, it is how Apple’s case begun and recently, an iPhone 7 without a 3.5mm headphone jack was released. Like Apple, Samsung is said to be working on its own proprietary audio jack, which could also be used by other Android OEMs.

4k display

Earlier this year, Samsung showcased a 5.5-inch display panel that features 4K display. While the company did not confirm when and where this unit will be used, it is thought that the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the recipient of this screen. Whether the smaller 5.1-inch model will carry the same capability or not is still unknown, but it is still possible, especially with the growing love for virtual and augmented reality.

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