eBay Sellers Start Overpricing as Microsoft Discontinues Kinect Adapter

eBay Sellers Start Overpricing as Microsoft Discontinues Kinect Adapter

Microsoft had to make a lot of decisions in order to make their Xbox One console gamer friendly.

The biggest decision is to remove the Kinect from the console and make it as an individual accessory that gamers can opt for if required.

In a recent update, the company has confirmed that they will no longer manufacture the Kinect adapter which is mandatory to connect the motion detector accessory with the console. It helps convert the signals and acts as a decoder between the two devices. Most gamers who wanted to experience motion sensing games had to invest a lot to buy these items separately for the limited number of game titles available on Xbox One.

eBay Start Overpricing as Microsoft Discontinues Kinect Adapter

Things are about to become even more difficult as the company has decided to stop manufacturing the important accessory. While there may be more number of Kinect cameras available in the market, they would never work without having the proper adapter. As soon as the announcement came online, most eBay sellers decided to drastically increase the pricing of the available products.

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It happens all the time on eBay every time they have access to products that are not available anywhere else and when manufacturers no longer provide official support. When Xbox One was originally launched way back in 2013, gamers were disappointed because of the increased price of the console and the lack of game titles for it. Eventually Microsoft decided to stop supporting the innovative idea and with the Xbox One S, they not only removed the accessory but also freed up hardware components so that the extra power can be used to render games with better graphics and improved resolution.

eBay Sellers Overpricing as Microsoft Discontinues Kinect Adapter

Based on the recent listings found on eBay, the Kinect Adapter now costs at least $150 which is way more expensive than it used to be. However, for gamers who want to use Kinect with their Xbox One S, Xbox One X or PCs, there is no other choice and they should be ready to spend their cash on exorbitantly priced products as the official seller has dropped out of the mainstream sales.

Some listings push the pricing even higher to $200 and $250 already. The availability on Microsoft store is expected to be depleted quickly as it is the only place where you could buy them all without having to pay such boosted rates after which eBay and other stores like Amazon will be the only place to buy them.

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