The Raspberry Rose LG V30 is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one

Raspberry Rose LG V30

The LG V30 is by far the best smartphone the company has ever released to date. Of course, there’s no other perfect smartphone out there, but the V30’s issues with the display screen might be the only thing standing between you and the phone.

The Google Pixel 2 XL uses the same display screen used on the LG V30, hence the issues users have been going through. If Google can fix a huge chunk of these issues with software updates, so can LG. That aside, the V30 is one of the best phones out there and the company just made it even much better.

Before today, buyers could choose from four color variants of the LG V30 – Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Lavender Violet and Moroccan Blue. Of course, all of these colors aren’t available in the U.S. and in fact, there are still doubts whether the just unveiled Raspberry Rose color variant will make it stateside.

According to the company,  the Raspberry Rose LG V30 will stick to the same hardware specs and features used on the other color variants, including the advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio technology tuned by B&O PLAY specialists. The company describes the new color variant as “eye-catching and romance-inspiring” and there’s a lot of truth in these words.

Raspberry Rose LG V30

Undoubtedly, the Raspberry Rose looks great. In the company’s words:

“Raspberry Rose, an intense saturated version of red, is a hue quite unlike any previous smartphone color offered by LG or its competitors. Designed for fashion-conscious smartphone users, LG created a unique color that provides outstanding visibility and to makes this V30 an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.”

As pointed out, the availability of the Raspberry Rose LG V30 in the U.S. remains unknown, but the company has confirmed that the phone will be available in South Korea soon after CES 2018 followed by “key markets in Europe and Asia.”

Since LG is targeting Valentine’s Day, it means the phone will hit all intended markets in time for this special event for loved ones. It’s over a month from now, you can start saving for the phone, which should probably go for the same price as the RRP.


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