Elden Ring: New Mod In The Game Enables Player To Pause The Game


Despite being launched just a couple of days back, Elden Ring has managed to shake up the gaming world in a big way and created a big fan base for it already.

The developers, on their part, are doing very well by introducing newer elements in the game to ensure that the gamers’ interest remains alive and more number of people get interested to check it out.

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While there has been a lot of praise, the newly launched game has received its fair share of criticism too. Many players, on different forums, lamented over the game not offering them a pause screen. The absence of it has caused a lot of issues for the gamers while playing the game. What this essentially means is that you will have to stay in the in-game mode while playing it. While you browse through the different start button menus, your in-game avatar would be exposed to different kinds of ambushes and other dangerous situations.

Now, gamers, who play Elden Ring on PC, might just stop complaining about it as the developing team has released a new mod that enables you to pause the game as and when you wish to. As per a report published in Eurogamer, players dealt with this particular issue in Demon’s Souls by switching on the photo mode. ‘Pause The Game’ enables you to perform a similar function in Eden Ring.

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There is, however, a condition attached here. You will be required to play the game in offline mode wherein you will not be receiving multiple player messages and would also not be able to experience ‘multiplayer matchmaking’. So, if you want the option to pause Elden Ring, you will have to make peace with a sense of isolation while playing the game.

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