Elder Scrolls Online Shares A Glimpse of Update 33

PC users will be able to avail of Update 33 for Elder Scrolls Online on March 14.

Those who play the game on consoles will have to wait till 29 March for it to arrive. What makes this update very special is the fact that it will have a bunch of updates that have been requested by fans.

New PVP rewards and Account-Wide Achievements would be some of the most prominent aspects of Update 33. Also, this is that one update that is expected to set the tone for Legacy of the Bretons, the new expansion chapter. This update will be carried out in the base game. So, players who have not purchased the newer versions of the game will get to experience it as well.

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By releasing a preview of the update, Rockstar Games has raised the kind of expectations fans have from it. One gets a decent amount of information about Account-Wide Achievements, one of the most talked-about features of the update. Most of the players enjoy the experience of playing a variety of classes which are referred to as alts. However, they have to put in a lot of effort in re-grinding out scenarios in order to unlock the many rewards that you are liable to get after achieving different things or crossing a variety of stages.

Update 33 is will lend an ‘account-wide’ approach to most achievements. This will, in turn, limit the necessity of replaying content on multiple characters. The preview makes it clear that some of the achievements will continue to be restricted to standalone characters. However, it does not clarify which are the characters this will be applied to.

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Update 33 would feature brand new PVP gear crafting motifs that players would be able to exchange in return of Tel Var Stones and three PVP armor sets including Rallying Cry, Enervating Aura and Hew and Sunder. These sets are closely linked to certain PVP roles and tasks that are designed keeping in mind the styles and preferences of different types of players in mind.

This update, interestingly, comes with a new ally in the form of the Deconstruction Assistant Giladil the Ragpicker. In the preview, one saw a glimpse of this assistant who will work towards deconstructing items for the players without the support of a crafting table. It has been designed as a one-stop shop and therefore, will be extremely useful for players. Among other things, it will enable you to utilize a thousand Crowns available at the ESO shop.

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