GTA 6 Fans Seem To Have Discovered a New Tease Related To The Game

GTA 6 concept maps

A bunch of Grand Theft Auto fans believe they have stumbled upon a GTA 6 tease that, according to them, had gone unnoticed on the official website of Rockstar Games.

Three weeks back, Rockstar Games made an official announcement about the fact that they are working on the next-gen edition of the game. After making the announcement, Rockstar Games refrained from sharing any information about Grand Theft Auto 6 (not been officially titled yet). That, however, couldn’t stop the rumor mills from buzzing.

From when one can expect its debut trailer to be released to which are the songs that will be featured on it, leakers have shared a variety of information about the game, none which have been confirmed by the gaming publisher.

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Now, an account on Twitter called GTA 6 News & Leaks has shared information about a possible GTA 6 leak. According to the handle, a GTA online newswire post featured a notebook that had a police logo, along with bloodstain, on it. It is difficult to analyze this imagery but it seems that somebody wearing a white-colored glove is holding the notebook in their hand. When zoomed in, one could see glimpses of a human face, a desk and a pen.

While many fans believe that this could be a part of a GTA 6 tease, Rockstar Games has not responded to any queries from the fans and the media. This is not really surprising as the gaming publisher is known to maintain a stoic silence on rumors, unverified information, leaks and unconfirmed reports.

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This little discovery, however, has got many fans excited and curious in equal measures. Now, one waits for Rockstar Games to share the first update about GTA 6 post its official announcement.

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