Elon Musk Confirmed That Tesla Model Y Is Coming

2016 Tesla Model X

Elon Musk confirmed a couple of things in the recent past.

He spoke in length about his master plan deux which involves creating electric buses and there’s a new electric car as well.

Tesla’s CEO, Musk confirmed that the company is indeed going to build a new Model Y car. It has been considered a rumor so long but it isn’t. The information was made official through his Twitter handle. Musk is known for using the social networking platform to make some of the biggest announcements. This time, he revealed that they are planning to build a cheaper version of the Model X SUV.

Instead of keeping things premium, Tesla is moving towards the budget friendly automobile market. But, their electrified cars will stand apart as they can cover over 200 miles on a single charge and are being priced competitively. Model 3 was the first cheapest announcement from the brand. It was priced at $35,000 and took over billions in pre-order. The car is also a direct competitor to what Nissan offers with its Leaf and Chevrolet Spark.

2016 Tesla Model X rear

However, it is going to take some time before Model 3 finds its way into the mainstream market. Meanwhile, Musk revealed that they are going to make use of the cheap and compact chassis used for Model 3 to build a SUV named Model Y. It is the compact sports utility vehicle powered entirely by electric motors and offers great mileage besides being easy to buy for most people.

The company is slowly expanding its horizons into new areas including an electric minibus. Autonomous technology will also be given utmost importance allowing Musk to realize his true dream of cars zooming past, with no one in the driver seat. He confirmed that it might take another five years or more but when they come out, the concept is going to boom like never before.

Instead of trying to force the car to decide whether to hit or miss a pedestrian on road, the focus will be on making them autonomous in traffic. Heavy traffic is where people actually need self-driving cars. Vehicles in future will have the ability to communicate with one another, making it easier to know the distance and avoid any collisions. Tesla will be working on making electrified vehicles cheaper and making them autonomous at the same time. A passenger bus and heavy duty semi-truck is scheduled for launch next year.

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