Pokemon Go Glitches And Bugs Annoy Even The Most Dedicated Players

Pokemon Go

With millions of ardent fans around the globe, Pokemon is known for its patrons who just don’t give up easily.

They played an important role in making Pokemon Go popular and continued playing the game despite the hurdles.

In recent times, it seems even the most dedicated players are losing their cool because of the growing number of bugs and glitches in the game. Pokemon Go was supposed to be perfect on launch with a whole lot of features to explore and meddle with. Niantic, developers of the game decided to skip them all and just rolled the title. It was limited to a specific region and took its own sweet time to be introduced to players in other regions.

Despite all these measures, servers crashing down and making Pokemon Go unplayable was so common. The dedicated fans didn’t give up so easily and continued to play the game. A new issue came up with the concept of Nearby system which tells you how far a particular monster is. The distance is marked using footsteps from your current location.

Pokemon Go Glitches And Bugs Annoy Even The Most Dedicated Players

An icon of the monster will be showcased below which there will be one, two or three footsteps. If there is just one, it is very close while three footsteps confirmed that you have to travel a lot to find that particular Pokemon. The developers simply ignored the problem when all the creatures in Pokemon Go suddenly had three footsteps on them. If you have to travel that far, it’s definitely not fun or worth the time spent.

The bug existed for many weeks until Niantic suddenly decided to simply remove the feature permanently. All the monster icons are still there but there is no indicator to show how far one should travel in order to find it. A lot of third party websites popped up in recent times helping people identify the location of a creature.

Owing to copyright issues, Niantic in association with Nintendo has been sequentially closing down these websites. Players are now left in the dark and it is definitely annoying to the core to have to search them blindly. No one knows if the pokemon is near or far. They just have to keep walking and driving until they find one.

Majority of Pokemon Go players are now busy on Android app store and iOS store. They changed their reviews to a one-star rating and encouraging other players to do the same.

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