ESRB Rates Super Mario Odyssey 10+, Says a Weird Reason for not Giving an E

Super Mario Odyssey E rating

Nintendo games are supposed to be for everyone right? After all, the developers invest so much time and effort to create a family friendly title that continues to impress millions worldwide.

Besides, for many years the Entertainment Software Rating Board ESRB has often rated almost all the titles released by Nintendo as E which stands for Everyone. Players of all age groups, be it young kids or adults can have non-stop fun in the colorful worlds created by the team. However, things have changed with the new Super Mario Odyssey. First, the company created a new cover art for the game. The character of Mario which was earlier seen wearing a Mexican outfit was removed and new characters were introduced.

Super Mario Odyssey

Almost every decision, be it entertainment or educational has to be politically correct PC these days. It continues to largely affect creative minds giving very little space for developers to think out of the box. The most vibrant and amazingly addictive title like Super Mario Odyssey receiving such a 10+ rating is one such example and the ESRB has a very weird reason as to why they wouldn’t approve of it.

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After providing the new rating, the board suggested that even though it is all colorful and fun in the game, the title world still had many violent activities hidden behind all those charm. They claim that the mild violence promoted in the game encouraged them to come up with a decision to make it accessible only for kids who are 10 years or older. They also added that the newer version of the Super Mario game has suggestive themes and dialogs which makes it difficult for them to provide an Everyone, E rating as before.

Super Mario Odyssey nintendo switch

While many reasons are being stated, the real thing lies in a new addition called New Donk City. Mario will be seen walking, flying and zooming those this fictional city which has is inspired by the real world New York City. The tall buildings, the road and the various landmark buildings are all inspired by the original city which has prompted ESRB to give it a different rating. The board suggests that when kids indulge in a lot of destructive activities in the city, they may not be able to differentiate between New Donk City and New York City in the real world which is why it should be played only those who are old enough to understand it.

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