Evernote Gets A Google Drive Amalgamation for Chrome and Android

Evernote Gets A Google Drive Amalgamation for Chrome and Android

In today’s world, everything has become cloud-centric and a mobile dependant life.

The obscure route for success with a high productivity in this competitive world is by working together with bigger services. Customers who have been spawning millions of notes on Evernote, which includes links that are pasted from Google Drive have requested for a better idea to connect their information and concepts, which they store in Evernote, by means of actions in their Google Drive. Evernote proudly announces to the world that it is working together with Google drive to offer great services and make it more convenient to capture, formulate and conspire anything that comes to your mind.

Evernote and Google Drive: A pair made in Heaven!

A Google account is now a requisite for almost everyone in the world and more than half of the users of Evernote also have one now. Practically, almost everyone seems to be using Google Drive to save their data.  Google Drive can now be used from Evernote to access files saved in the Drive. So now there will be no more switching in between the apps and no interruption to your thinking, but just a free flow of thoughts and ideas.

Evernote is an awesome and a potent tool for organizing creations and ideas. The aim of this association is to create a cloud-like frame-up and let the users have access to their documents and content anywhere and anytime while getting their job done.

Evernote Gets A Google Drive

Here’s how it works!

It is now very easy to access files in Evernote that you keep safely in your Drive. Evernote notebooks allow you to browse not just the URL links but everything that has been created and stored in the Google Drive. With this alliance, any file can be directly added to the drive by customers without having to leave from the Evernote app. Any changes that will be made to the documents in the Google drive will be updated, synced and reflected in Evernote also.

There is a small icon of Google Drive along with the other editing tools on Evernote. All you have to do is click on this Google Drive icon while you are making an important note or document that needs to be stored and the file will be easily inserted into the drive, without you having to leave the Evernote page. But this requires the user to be online during the integration of the files. This sync and updates to the Drive will not happen if Evernote is in an offline mode. This is applicable for both Evernote Android and for Evernote Web.

This amalgamation clears the way for millions of people around the globe to sense the potential of using Evernote. The whole idea of this collaboration is to use the Google Drive to create and store your memories, ideas and important documents, and then exploit Evernote’s brilliant methodology with impressive features, to succeed and enliven new ideas. Google is molding the world’s information. Evernote and Google Drive are together letting you do that with your own information.

Available on your device

This alliance between the Evernote and Google Drive will seemingly pave the way for a better relationship with Google. As of now it is just in a Beta testing phase. This beta integration is available on Chrome for web based products and on Android for mobile based apps. It is believed to arrive soon on other platforms too.

This combination of two intense products offers the loyal customers of both the brands to be successful and satisfied with everything they are working on. Once the word spreads out about how this pair is working wonders together, the users will reasonably use both the products.

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