Evernote Hikes Prices for Premium Plans, Limits Features of Free Version


Evernote, the popular note-taking application available on both Android and iOS platforms has decided to make some serious changes to its services.

The company announced that it will be limiting the features available for users of Evernote free Basic account as well as up the prices charged for top-tier accounts. As from today onwards, those using Evernote Plus will have to more than the $1 they used to pay for every month of using the note-taking app. The company will now demand $3.99 per month for the Plus service, but users can still settle with $34.99 per year. As for the Evernote Premium account, one will now have to pay $7.99 per month as opposed to the previous $5.99 per month.

Accessing top-notch features such as the ability to sync notes across more than two devices, be it PCs, smartphones or tablets, will require that one owns a Premium or Plus account. In addition to increasing the price of Evernote Premium, the company also added 10GB of new monthly uploads, a business scanning feature, as well as the ability to search and annotate within PDF files, just to name but a few.


As pointed out earlier, the change also sees the free Basic version lose a very significant feature. The Evernote Basic has been limited to only two devices in a year and one can only upload files of no more than 60MB per month. If you are a photogenic person or maybe videos are what you like, this cap might force you to upgrade to the Plus or Premium version. But for those who mainly upload texts, this may not be of huge impact. Alternatively, one can also make the switch to Microsoft’s OneNote, which recently made life easier for those who wish to migrate from Evernote with a new OneNote Transfer Tool.

In the past, only users of paid accounts were able to use a passcode to prevent unauthorized access to their notes on the mobile app, however, this feature is now available to Evernote Basic account holders.

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