Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo Receives Support From Ubisoft, EA and Take Two

Xbox Scorpio

The new generation of consoles are arriving and top developers have already started releasing statements, supporting the changing console industry.

Talking about Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio and Sony’s PS4 Neo, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Take Two commented that it is a game changing decision that will change the console industry for good. The information comes from a business magazine dedicated to the game industry where EA commented that it is a positive evolution for everyone. The comment was made by Laura Miele who is the head of global publishing.

“I am confident that when new hardware is launched, it will extend the life cycle of the games as well as the older consoles. It is a definitive strategy for all players and the industry as a whole. We are really happy at EA and look forward to a future where there is no start or end of cycle for the consoles. It makes it easier for developers and publishers to make something new without any delay so as to cope up with the changing console cycle,” said Miele.


Head of Ubisoft’s EMEA, Alain Corre was simply excited by the idea ever since it was announced. Even though, Sony is yet to officially reveal the Playstation Neo console, Microsoft has already made Xbox One Scorpio official. Rumors claimed that the console is slated for launch next year, mostly during the holiday sale. It is going to be the biggest launch for the company as Scorpio is supposed to support 4K gaming. The hardware may also be priced higher so as to make it possible to use high class hardware in it.

Take Two’s head Strauss Zelnick had an entirely different perspective on the same. Citing an example, he said, “If we are going to make television shows, we should never increase or decrease the quality of it just because it may not be viewed on a 4K television. The idea is to make the best show possible and the new generation consoles Xbox Scorpio and Playstation Neo will allow us to do it without any restraints.”

Zelnick said that the industry is moving towards a point where hardware could pose huge hassles making it difficult for developers to proceed. The new consoles should finally put these issues to rest and allow them to focus solely on the quality of the product, rather than its compatibility. Pushing technology to its limit is the way to go.

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