Evernote Reports Data Loss of Mac Users, Offers Premium Subscription as Compensation

Evernote Reports

Evernote has sent an e-mail to a small number of Mac users reporting a bug which could have caused loss of data of certain types of data files which carry images or other attachments.

However, the company reported that the files which have just the text notes have not been affected and are safe. The company is apologizing and making up for this loss by offering an Evernote Premium subscription gift code for the premium and free users who have lost their data and also the Premium Note History feature, which will help the users to manually recover and restore the missing data. However, the company has reported that it was able to restore only some of the lost notes.

Evernote Reports

Data Loss for Mac Users

Evernote said in the long e-mail it sent out to the small number of Mac users that the devices which are running the versions of the note-taking app that was released in September 2016 have been affected majorly and affected less frequently in the versions released for Mac since June 2016. The e-mail also reported that in these versions, images and other attachments could have been deleted without giving out a warning in the course of events like quickly skimming through many notes. This seemed like a vague description to many users who have lost a huge amount of data in hundreds of their notes. Later on, the company reported to TechCrunch that only the specific versions 453991 (which was directly available from the Evernote servers) and 454042 (which were available on the Mac App Store) are the ones which have been affected by a few “specific conditions”.

The company also requested in the e-mail to its users to immediately update their Evernote app to the latest 6.9.2 version (454158 from the Evernote server and 454159, if updating from the Mac App Store), to avoid any further loss of data and other issues. The company reported that as soon as it came to know of the bug and identified the issue, it worked on it quickly so that a solution could be implemented and has also made attempts to restore all the lost data. However, it could not succeed in a few cases.

Data Loss for Mac Users

Compensating the Loss

Evernote has apologized and said that the users who have lost their data can restore them back manually by using the Note History feature that is available through Evernote Premium, which is usually accessible only to its Premium subscribers. However, now it is being provided even for the free users who have been affected by this data loss issue by using a redemption gift code. The Evernote Premium Subscribers can use this code to subscribe for another year of premium services and just bank and save them as Points which can be availed some time later.

The note-taking company has been telling its users to update their Evernote app for their Mac devices by heading to the Menu, and from there they can navigate to Help and look for “Check for Updates” option and then click on it to update the latest version. The company also said that the users who cannot see this option in their Menu should download the latest version of the app either from the official website of Evernote or from the Mac App Store.

Evernote app for Mac devices

The entire debacle has been a major source of embarrassment to the popular note-taking service. However, Evernote reported to TechCrunch that it has recently started working on pushing all the data onto the Google Cloud platform and once this migration is complete, it will become easier to prevent and resolve the issues related to data loss.

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