Honda Breaks Cover By Releasing the Redesigned 2017 CR-V

2017 Honda CR-V

Honda knows it just right how to engineer and build a car that fulfills all its purposes.

But with its CR-V, it somehow could not get its recipe right since it was not the typical good-looking, potent, or the affordable SUV of its segment. However, Honda is all set to get back and unsettle the global competition by launching its fifth generation CR-V. The 2017 Honda CR-V has been redesigned and revamped by the engineers from the scratch. It has been developed to offer more in every aspect of performance, fuel efficiency, space, and its premium content.

The Exterior Details

2017 Honda CR-V

The 5th-Generation Honda CR-V has been given a machoistic look on the outsides which gives the first impression of an amazing SUV design. The design aesthetics of the BR-V has been echoed from the front but it comes with a lot more style and panache. The overstated headlights come in all the trims with brilliant wing-shaped LED lights which can be run in daylight also. The muscular and wide bumper gives an appealing look to the perfect SUV. The new CR-V is supported by a long wheelbase, the rear overhang is shorter and it comes with dual exhaust pipes. The alloy wheels have also been redesigned to overhaul the looks of the utility vehicle. With the latest 2017 model comes the wipers which carry rain sensors, all-around chrome garnishing, a tailgate can be electrically operated, and the first Automatic Shutter Grille System from Honda which considerably reduces the aerodynamic drag.

The Interior Details

The previous versions of the Honda CR-V have been below par when it came to interior comforts of its occupants. The 2017 Honda CR-V comes with a longer wheelbase which makes the cabin more accommodating. Most of the interior panels have been wrapped in soft-touch leather which gives an exorbitant and premium feel. The old-school analog meters traditionally placed behind the steering wheel have been replaced by a 7-inch TFT screen. There is another 7-inch touchscreen-enabled display in the center of the dashboard, which is run by an Android OS. The media system supports both Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto system. Apart from exploring the audio system and other native features of the SUV, the central display screen also boasts of the latest satellite-linked navigation system, first of its kind from Honda which has been co-developed by the GPS experts at Garmin.

2017 Honda CR V Interior

The other updated features include a dual-zone climate control system, a voice-command system, remote engine start, heated side mirrors, seats that can be electrically adjusted, and USB charging ports for the rear-seat passengers to name a few.

New Diesel Powerhouse

One of the major issues that have plagued Honda CR-V forever has been theabsence of the diesel engine variant. So, based on the global market requisites especially in the Indian automobile market, the Japanese carmaker has decided to introduce a diesel powertrain to the SUV. Although no details have been reported yet regarding the engine details for the Indian market, the US-based customers who will be witnessing the launch of the CR-V by the end of 2016, will get to own diesel variant of the SUV which comes fitted with a turbocharged DOHC with 1.5-liters capacity and a direct injected 4-pot engine. This engine will pump out a power of 192 PS. Honda will offer its favorite CVT (continuously variable transmission) feature along with a manual transmission feature also on offer. There is also an option which can control the delivery of power to just the front wheels or to all the four wheels.

2017 Honda CR V Engine

Other Mind-boggling Features

The 2017 Honda CR-V comes with an array of other overwhelming and spectacular features which include the adaptive cruise control, a front collision warning along with a braking system for collision alleviation, lane departure warning which comes with road departure mitigation, information regarding blind-spots, head-lights which are set up with auto high beams, and rear cross traffic monitoring.

While all these features make up to just a mouthful and a half of the updated docudrama from Honda, it is still not yet clear as to when exactly will the new version of the 2017 Honda CR-V SUV will be rolling out with all the updated components in the global and the Indian market.

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