Every new Chromebook will be Compatible with Android Apps

Google Chromebook

Ever since the first Google Chromebook came to life, many people are continuously growing into fans of this affordable range of laptops that uses Google’s Chrome OS.

As more models keep flooding the industry, the Chromebook keeps on getting more popular and as a result, Google wants to make them more appealing to consumers. This process is not beginning now, rather, it has been here since last year May. This is when the company announced that it will be adding support for Android apps to every Chromebook.

While there are quite a number of Chromebooks that are already compatible with Android apps, among them Acer Chromebook R11/C738T, Acer Chromebook Flip and Google Chromebook Pixel 2015, the search engine giant says that this feature will now be available in all versions of the Chromebook launching from now henceforth.

This is a new development that has just been brought forward by the Chrome OS support team, meaning that any Chromebook coming out this year will be able to access Google Play Store apps and actually use them like in the case of Android phones. This looks like a win-win situation for all parties involved. For Chromebook manufacturers, their sales are expected to grow as more people see the fun in having this device. App developers will for sure have a larger audience to reach while consumers will be able to bring over their favorite apps from Android.

Google Chromebook

If you have been mulling over buying a Chromebook, well, this year’s Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro, as well as ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA come with this feature pre-enabled. You can access the Google Play Store and download your favorite apps right from these laptops. For those who already own the Chrome OS-powered laptops, Google has also promised that the feature will be availed via a software update. You can visit the official page to see if your device is listed.

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