Everybody’s Golf and Other Titles Confirmed for PS4 in The Drop

Absolver ps4

The Drop for the week of August 29th has been announced by Sony.

The company listed the long list of games coming to the PS4 console in the following week and it includes one of the longest running series in the Playstation console, Everybody’s Golf.

Instead of taking a serious, simulator tone, Everybody’s Golf picks the best aspects of the sport and delivers it in a manner that most gamers could connect to. The game officially lands on the PS4 console next week and when it does, new players will simply be delighted to see how simple it works. All you have do is just click three buttons in order to control and aim your shot. Apart from the amazing graphics, gameplay, the title also has a lot of ways to customize your character, do fishing and cart across world’s most popular golf courses. The game will be available both as a retail and a digital copy.

Everybody’s Golf ps4

For those who live in the United States, it is known as Hot Shots Golf. The long list of games heading to the PS4 console is plenty including Absolver, an online multiplayer combat experience in which players should continue to acquire new skills, learn combat and indulge in three versus three battles. Art of Fighting Anthology is another fighting game from the PS2 console heading to the PS4 system.

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Dead Alliance is a first person zombie shooter and good news is, you can team up with your friends in this multiplayer action to take down your enemies. Detention is a Japanese styled horror title, Fishing Planet focuses on first person multiplayer fishing experience a definitively unique title unlike any other game and there is also Grim Legends 2 Song of the Dark Swan. Other titles heading to the Playstation 4 console as confirmed by the Drop includes Last Day of June, Life is Strange Episode 1, The Metronomicon Slay the Dance Floor, Obduction and Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition.

Obduction ps4

The people behind the Drop seems to have been really busy for the week of August 29th as they have listed at least two dozen games for the particular week. The list continues for the PS4 platform with games like Resident Evil Revelations, Rock of Ages 2 Bigger & Boulder, Still Time for both PS4 and PS Vita consoles, Surf World Series and Warriors all Stars. A couple of games including Sparc, Sneaky Bears and The Lost Bear are all headed for the PS VR platform for those who actually own the headset.

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