Everything You Need to Know About 2017 Volkswagen Polo Specs, Performance and More

2017 Volkswagen Polo

The 2017 Volkswagen Polo official reveal took place and even before the announcement could be made, the specifications, pricing among other details got leaked.

It’s not such an issue for the brand which later announced it and everything about the car known so far seems promising.

The 2017 Polo is being offered with a wide range of engine choices. The original base model is equipped by the 1.0-liter engine which will go much higher to deliver increased horsepower and efficiency. However, as you go up the pricing will vary as well. The next generation supermini model is mounted on the newly designed MQB platform giving it enough space to expand. The car’s a direct rival for the Ford Fiesta, SEAT Ibiza along with the Audi A1. Some of these cars belong to the Volkswagen group yet it has to compete in the market segment to stand apart, especially against the Fiesta from Ford.

Volkswagen Polo

Apart from the original model, the Polo is also being offered with a high performance GTI hot hatch for those who wouldn’t settle for less. A live stream of the event was also done by the people at Volkswagen that allowed enthusiasts to know its powertrain, specifications and the features included in the car to make it worthy of the 2017 badge associated with it. For the first time, we also had the opportunity to see the car in all metal without any camouflage covering it.

The front bumper and the headlights of the model seems to have been revamped to make it look stylish besides being relevant in this era. The W-shaped indicators are not new as they are from the earlier Volkswagen models and also syncs with the brand’s authentic design they use in all their cars. The rear end of the car shows prominent changes from how it used to be. The model doesn’t have the curvy rear end as it used to have and uses flatter window, with hatchback boot.

2017 Volkswagen Polo

2017 Volkswagen Polo has been confirmed to go on sale six months after the Ford Fiesta hits the market in UK. The car is also equipped to the brim with a whole lot of features including smartphone connectivity options, increased legroom and a dashboard that is meant to make driving fun for every passenger. The final pricing and performance numbers will be known only when it hits dealership stores in different regions. Built-in internet access is expected to be bundled with the top of the linde models.

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