AMD Radeon Reveals $1800 Liquid Cooled Vega Frontier Graphics Card

Radeon Vega Frontier

A brand new AMD Radeon graphics card has now gone up for pre-orders.

The GFX pricing and the type of technology used in it has been confirmed. If you are going to get shocked, it’s wise to avoid knowing the fact that this particular Vega Frontier high end card would cost a massive $1,800.

A lot of console gamers often believe that to setup a gaming PC, they require graphic cards that cost way above $1000 to play them in the best graphics. While this claim is not entirely true, especially if all that is needed is 1080p gaming at decent quality, the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier pushes the boundaries to a whole new level. The particular hardware is based on the newly developed HBM2 and HBCC with the Vega 10 technology designed to compete against the highly powered Nvidia cards.

Radeon Vega Frontier Graphics Card

Some of the new features that AMD aims to introduce with the newest launch include deep learning, AI, HPC and cloud computing sectors. The pricing and pictures were acquired from online retailers who posted the information necessary for buyers to pre-order the device months before its official launch. The new launch will be available in two different variants. One of them is an air cooled model which will cost about $1,200 while the higher end liquid cooled model will cost $1,800.

Compared to the most popular AMD graphics card designed for gaming, the newly announced AMD Radeon Vega Frontier cards are exceptionally expensive and is not meant for the average gamer. The company is getting ready to launch multiple gaming cards in the month of July and they will start from the least possible pricing of $120 or bit higher all the way up to cards that could handle full 4K gaming at 60 frames per second.

Radeon Vega Frontier

The graphical capability and technical details of the Vega Frontier card is available in a huge comparison chart posted by AMD. The official pictures of the model has also been revealed giving a good sneak peak for gamers on what they should expect when these go on sale. While the first model features a blue finish with the Radeon logo on top and the liquid cooled edition comes in a brushed gold finish. The second model uses a 375W power output.

Vega architecture is the highlight on both these models and AMD is soon to announce the new generation of gaming graphics cards in the following weeks.

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