Facebook Advertisements to Be Expanded to Third-Party Apps

Facebook Third-Party Apps

Facebook seems to be bringing new changes and updates to make things easier and better for its users.

The latest update made by the most popular social networking giant is to make the advertisements visible for everyone who is on the internet, irrespective of them being users of Facebook. The team has been introducing new changes and features to take its mobile advertising domain on top the hill and is encouraging its customers to experiment with the advertisement videos.

The company on May 26th apparently made a minor change which has dramatically increased the horizon of its ad network. The Ad network previously had the advertisements surfacing only to Facebook users on their social network accounts and on other websites. But now, the ads will be displayed to non-users of Facebook also on third-party websites which are a part of the social network.

Facebook’s officials from the ads and business platform have said that this move is likely to boost the quality of the advertisements on the internet. These ads will be first reviewed by the company so that they are not obscene, deceptive or offer unsafe services and products. Only the ads that respect the people’s honor and experience will be displayed.

Everyone has had an unpleasant experience of encountering ads while browsing the internet on your phone. When you keep reading an article, there is a sudden pop-up with an ad that blocks the screen. Though there is a tiny “x” to close the ad, one wrong tap and you will be directed to the wrong site. Ads like this are definitely not required.


Revenue Stats of the First Quarter

The company offers online advertising assistance under the “Audience Network” platform to its 1.65 billion users. This attempt to stretch the audience’s network reach has lead to huge presumptions that Facebook’s top line which is already growing rapidly, might be ramped up. The first business quarter of 2016 had Facebook making $5.2 billion is advertisement sales. That makes it almost more than 80 percent of its total revenue in the first quarter. Though Google made better revenue of $20.1 billion from the ads in the same period, it is beyond question that the tech biggie is worried about Facebook’s growth rate. Facebook has had a brilliant growth in its revenue year after year and has outperformed in the past 14 quarters with a growth of 40 percent. However, Google’s growth chart shows that it has been in its teens since 2014.

Google also seems to be worried about Facebook’s intentions and propositions. Reports claim that Facebook is using this “not so secret” weapon of ads to build-up the personal data of almost 1.65 billion users and intends to use this data along with cookies to ascertain the interests if non-users of Facebook. However, Google has put off the value of this information last year in an earnings call stating that it was better to know what someone is doing rather than knowing their basic demographical information.

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