Instagram Allows Posting of Media without Opening the App for iOS Users

Instagram App for iOS Users

The change in Instagram’s new app icon is just sinking into everyone and looks like that even before the users have got over it, Instagram is ready with another new update.

It is putting forward a few minor improvements, has fixed a few bugs, and has made slight tweaks to ramp up the experience of using the app. After having introduced the major update in May, Instagram is back with an update with an iOS extension that allows the users to share videos and photos directly from the Photos app and from other iOS apps, without having to open the Instagram app. This update is available right now only for the iOS users.

The new Instagram version 8.2 has a file size of 28.7 MB and is available now at the App Store. The company’s new thoughtful feature of letting the users share media directly without trying to open the Instagram app has not been updated and highlighted at the official listing at the App Store.

Here is how the new update works

When the new changes are updated into the app, media files like photos and videos can be shared immanently from the Photos app. The photos and videos from other supporting iOS apps like Reddit and Google Photos can also be shared directly. All the user has to do is select a photo or video, then click on the option for “Share” and select the option for “Instagram”. In case Instagram does not list out in the default options, the “More” option will allow the user to activate the Instagram sharing option and switch it to the default options for sharing media files.

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After choosing “Instagram” from the default share options, a small dialogue box will be displayed on the screen to allow the users to add a caption to the photo or video that they will be sharing. After adding the caption, clicking on “Share” will finally post the photo or video on your Instagram page. And all this is done without even having to open the Instagram app. However, the only setback of this update is that the users will not be able to tag other people when they post the media files directly from the Photos app. Another drawback is that the users will not be able to cross post the photos and videos on other third-party apps like Twitter and Facebook. For cross-posting the media files on the other related social networking sites, for adding filters to the photos and for tagging people in the media files on Instagram, the users will have to head to the official app.

The previous update from Instagram had completely revamped the entire design of the app with a new logo, a different layout of the app and a lot more changes. The blue fonts are no longer there and the design of the app is improved and fixed by using a black and white theme to provide a minimalistic outlook. However, the logo of Instagram has gone through a complete makeover and is now very attractive with rainbow colored overlay.

Although it is not a huge change, it still is important and has made posting photos and videos to Instagram very easy for the iPhone users. It also makes the posting media easy without having to go through the laborious task of adding filters and editing the files, which is asked by default by the Instagram app. Though it does not have a very carefree level of sharing, it is still a much-welcomed change to create a more active feed.

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