Facebook to Host Counter Strike Live stream during ESL Rank S Event

Live stream

Facebook is stepping into the world of real gaming with Counter Strike Global Offensive, one of the hottest games in the eSports scenario.

ESL, the largest esports company in the world is known for their huge tournaments featuring Counter Strike, Dota, Overwatch, League of Legends among many other games. They are going to partner with Facebook to reach more audience with a livestream event. There was a time when Twitch was the only platform to have this feature and lots of gamers stormed to the website to watch their favorite Pro players showcase their skills.

Counter Strike

Being a revenue mine, gaming is an industry no company would say no to. Youtube, owned by Google showed huge interest in acquiring the rights but then they started their own Youtube Gaming app which will streamline all the gamer friendly content under one roof. They also livestream Dota, Counter Strike events which made them popular in the scenario.

Yet, a lot of users still rely on Facebook for their daily updates and news feeds. ESL is looking forward to make use the huge userbase the company has. And, FB is obviously interested in entering a whole new arena which if proven successful make them one of the go to places for gaming needs. People will soon be able to watch the upcoming Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament. It will be streamed live at the ESEA Facebook page. The Rank S is the first tournament to go live and when it does, you can enjoy the best CS experience without leaving the platform’s familiar blue window.

“Rank S is what the pro players and fans like love when it comes to experiencing the ultimate CS GO experience. Fans love live matches and we are going to offer them in a platform they love along with new, analysis, statistics and a whole lot of interesting tidbits that should keep them busy throughout the match. Original video content engages audience in new ways and by working with Facebook, we allow them to watch the game they love, share them and enjoy every moment as their most favorite players get into action,” said ESL regarding the partnership.

Live stream

While there is no word on Facebook opening another platform or some other way to acquire a whole new industry, they are definitely looking into multiple potential areas to identify what would be the best track for the largest social media platform to travel in the upcoming years.