Pioneer Brings Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to Older Cars

For the average consumer, changing their car every year to get the latest version of the Apple CarPlay or the Android Auto is an impossible task.

Just like how Chromecast changed HD televisions, Pioneer has a new solution now.

The company has announced a new range of five different in-dash receivers which is exceptionally cheap. When you hear the price tag, you might probably think twice to confirm if Pioneer has actually launched the product. These affordable receivers make life easy for most of the car owners, especially those who still use an older model that doesn’t have any smart features.Pioneer

The entry level model offered by Pioneer is priced at $400 and for the list of features it provides, the deal sounds quite plausible. It comes bundled with Apple Car Play and also an upgraded sound system to offer a better surround sound experience. The device has a single DIN option which will be a handy new addition for those who own classic cars and exotic sports cars that aren’t usually owned by the average customer.

Most drivers and car owners would love to have autonomous or guided features on their cars. It saves them a lot of time and also makes every trip much safer than it is on the basic model of older cars. With the Pioneer receiver, you can instantly connect your car to your smartphones, be it an iPhone or any of the Android smartphones out in the market. The receiver is published by a reputed company making it trustworthy and reliable to use without any issues of being hacked or legality problems.

All latest car models from top manufacturers comes with Android Auto and Apple Car Play built into it. It can now be acquired by using any one of the Pioneer receives released by the company. The models that are being sold are the AVH 1330 NEX, 1300 NEX which is the cheapest of the lot as they are priced at $400. The next in the lineup with additional features is the AVH2330 NEX, 2300 NEX priced at $500 while the top of the line is occupied by the single DIN AVH 3300NEX. It also bundles a pop-up touchscreen and will set you back by $600.Pioneer Brings Android AutoAdditional features include support for Google Music, Spotify, iTunes Radio, Sirius XM Satellite. They also support FLAC audio format, Waze app and the top of the line model has a large 7-inch touchscreen making it easy to customize the receiver as needed.