Facebook Launches the Events App on the Android Platform Too

Facebook Events App

Facebook had launched Events, its stand-alone app in October first for the iOS platform, after which it had claimed that even an Android version will be arriving soon.

Well, looks like that the day has finally arrived, with Events being launched on Android. According to TechCrunch, the company had said that the Events app will see the social networking site to harness the power of the Events feature which will give the users more options for social discovery. In short, Events is essentially an app that provides the users with all the features from the social networking site that are related to an event, in one place. The new updated version of Events requires the device to run on Android version 4.1 and above.

Facebook Events App

All about the Events App

Upon opening the Events app, the users will be able to see the whereabouts their friends and also catch up with the latest events that have been liked by the users after being liked on Pages, apart from viewing updates of the events for which the user has already signed in for via the home feed.

The Product Manager of Facebook had announced in a blog post that Events is an app that will help the users to get to an event of their interest at a time when they might be wondering about what to do over the weekend or if they are looking ahead to know what is happening around in their area. The Events app from Facebook will keep its users updated about all the events like matches, plays, concerts, etc. which are happening or will happen soon in the near future around them in their neighborhood. The app will also allow the friends of the users to see the events for which they have signed up and will help to make plans together to attend the events in which they are all interested in. The users will also be able to see the details about the events that are being organized by the Pages that they have liked and help in keeping them up to date about all the happenings. The users can also opt to get notifications so that they can stay updated about the upcoming events and know if there is any change in the details of the event like the time, location etc.

Facebook had described the Events app on Google Play saying that all the things that are loved about events on Facebook will still remain the same, but with the Events app, the users can have it all in just a single place. The users will be able to see the latest activity of the events, discover new things which can be done along with friends and also get the information quickly about a happening event. Despite the stand-alone status of the Events app, it still works tied up with the flagship social platform of Facebook. The Events app works seamlessly in sync with Facebook, so the friends of the users will be able to see which event they are interested in and the user can also invite them to the event, even if they do not have the Events app.

User-Friendly Interface

The app comes with a clean interface and it offers many distinct options beside the home tab, which can be accessed by just clicking on the corresponding icons that are present at the bottom of the display. The users can search and discover events by just browsing through the recommendations on the explore tab which will be presented upon tapping the magnifying glass icon. The recommendations will be suggested based on the location, time, and interests of the user. The app will even show an interactive map that will display all the events that are happening around in that location. In addition to this, there is a search tab at the top of the section that allows the users to seek out the events that are happening in other cities. This is helpful for people who are planning for road trips or vacations.

To transform the user into the eventual events-seeker, the Events app is all set to offer its own calendar, which will allow them to organize their schedule very easily. The app also allows the user to add calendars of their choice from their phone and view them alongside their Facebook events so that they can avoid any plausible mix-ups. If Facebook has its way, then integrating the calendars might also make the user give up on the phone’s native calendar app by favoring Events.

The Setbacks of the App

Facebook Events App on Android

Facebook has claimed that Facebook Events is used by more than 100 million people and that every year there are hundreds of millions of events that are shared on Facebook. All these numbers imply that the launch of a stand-alone app is a complete no-brainer. So far, the app has failed to mark its impression on the charts at the App Store. Soon after its debut, the Events app ranked at 67th position in the social networking segment and then it gradually fell down below 500 in its ranking. However, the app climbed back steadily and is currently positioned around the 250-mark range. So far, the app was available only on the iOS platform, but now with the social networking giant finally releasing the Events from Facebook even on the Android platform, the app may ramp up in its ratings as it will now be available to more number of users.

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