Samsung Galaxy S8 Optical Fingerprint Scanner Confirmed?

Samsung Galaxy S8

Is it possible that the rumored optical fingerprint scanner for Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been launched by the company’s manufacturing partner Synaptics?

According to the latest reports, Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to come with an all-screen design that will mean the physical home button is no more. This will also mean that Samsung has to find a new home for the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S8 and it seems Synaptics, the South Korean manufacturing partner, has just shed more light on what this could be.

Apparently, Synaptics has just launched a smartphone fingerprint sensor of its own, something that could tell more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and other parts of the phone. It is possible for an optical fingerprint sensor to live under the glass of a phone’s display, meaning that there won’t be need for bezels that usually home the scanner. This also means that the lower bezel that has always been the home of the sensor and the physical home button can be transformed into more display space. In the end, Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a larger display screen, keep the same size while at the same time eliminate the bezels. Are we looking at another Xiaomi Mi MIX-like handset? Probably yes.

What Synaptics announced this week has a lot in common to what rumors are saying regarding the optical sensor to be used on Samsung Galaxy S8. The sensor is known as Natural ID FS9100 and according to Synaptics, this device is designed in a way that it will live under the cover of phones and tablets. Interestingly, the manufacturer has made it waterproof, scratchproof and more secure. The latter aspect is something specific to issues of previous optical scanners where it wasn’t easy to tell the difference between fake and real fingers, but this time, there is a new security layer to do just this. It has also been noted that the new sensor is very thin and uses a very small amount of battery juice in its operations.

Samsung Galaxy S8

It is only time that can tell whether this FS9100 sensor is what Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with under its rumored all-screen design. However, given that Synaptics is expected to go into mass production beginning Q2 2017 while Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be here in Q1 2017 (unless there are delays as the company avoids to a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle), we might not see this sensor on the S8.

Samsung has yet to issue a comment regarding the possibility of incorporating the FS9100 sensor on the Galaxy S8.

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