Facebook Messenger Has About 11,000 Bots – How Many Have You Used?

Facebook Messenger

Not so many people can agree that bots are indeed becoming a big deal on Facebook Messenger, maybe until they learn that the chat app already has about 11,000 bots on board.

This is a huge figure indeed, especially given that this technology is still very young in the market. One question that stands out, though, is how many of these bots have you actually interacted with? Well, it won’t be a surprise if the answer is none because some of the services availed via the Messenger chat app are not available in all parts of the world.

Facebook bought the Wit.ai bot engine last year and since then, up to 23,000 developers have already signed up for this platform. With this engine, developers have an easy time associating the right context with requests sent by users.

In addition to announcing the number of bots currently available on Facebook Messenger, the social networking giant also recently confirmed a set of new features and tools that are aimed at helping bot developers improve the experience of users. Among these features is a quick replies feature that comes with preset reply options that one can pick from to quickly respond to a bot.

Facebook Messenger

Developers will also come across a persistent menu that will allow them to help those interacting with bots easily figure out what to do with them. To access the menu, users will be required to tap the icon located in the corner of Facebook Messenger. Developers are allowed to include up to five actions which can be used by users when interacting with bots.

The updated version of Facebook Messenger will also allow users to interact with the bots using more than just text. Support for other files such as video, audio, GIFs and others has also been incorporated. If a bot becomes annoying, the updated Messenger now offers more controls of dealing with such cases. One can easily mute the bot like they do with a conversation on the chat app. In addition, it is easy to provide developers with feedback via email or a dashboard in developers.facebook.com.

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