You Can Now Post a Facebook Status in 45 Different Languages – Here’s how to

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If you have been unable to showcase your multilingual abilities on Facebook, the time is now. This is because the most popular social networking company has just announced a new translator tool that supports up to 45 different languages from all over the world.

Of course, this is far from what the whole world has to offer in terms of languages. However, the fact that it is now possible to update a Facebook status in several dozen languages should be a welcome feature for the 1.65 billion people that currently use this service.

In an announcement made on Friday, the company made it clear that it will now be possible to post a status without depending on English. Through the help of a tool known as a Multilingual composer, Facebook users will be able to compose a status and automatically translate it to the language that the user prefers his or her following to see. This is great as it now means one can easily compose a status that is targeting a specific language-speaking group. Furthermore, this post can also be edited by including conversational words that make everything about the post human.

According to Facebook, the Multilingual composer tool depends on machine learning technology to determine the preferred language of the user. When this is done, the status update being read will be displayed in the language preferred by the reader. In essence, Facebook wants to eliminate any irrelevancies that stem from language barriers.


How Multilingual composer works

When you start composing a Facebook post, the option of having the text in additional languages will show up. Just hit the “Language: Select” drop-down menu and choose your preference. This will result in auto-translation of the text in question. When this is done, you will also have the chance to share this message in other languages. To do this, hit the “Write post in another language” option that appears in the grey text just underneath the blue text for the selected language. Proceed by selecting the other language you’d wish to share the post in.

This means that one can have a post made in two, three or even four different languages, but this doesn’t mean that readers will see the post two, three or four times. As noted earlier, the Facebook status will be displayed to the reader in their preferred language.

The Multilingual composer tool has been under testing via Facebook Pages for quite some time now, but it is only now that the same is coming to the general Facebook community.

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