Facebook Messenger 2.1 Adds New Features with Natural Language Processing

Facebook Messenger 2.1 app

Facebook has launched the newest version of their Messenger 2.1 app which introduces a bunch of new features to make communication easier and it has also enhanced its capabilities with natural language processing.

The social network website launched the Messenger Platform 2.0 back in April this year and they have been constantly focusing on making it better with newer upgrades. The app is designed in such a way that business and brands could provide more information, easy to use content along the way leading to more customers. The conversion rate will rise high when customers find it easy to get customer care, find the products or services they need while staying in touch with the service provider through the platform.

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With the 2.1 update, the Messenger gets Natural Language Processing technology. The built-in feature which is shortly known as NLP will allow the bot to automatically recognize the context of the message and respond accordingly. Many common phrases used by people repeatedly in their communication channels like hello, where are you, requesting phone number, email, date or time can instantly be recognized by the auto bot.

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When a person is unable to open the Facebook Messenger and reply to the person, the bot is capable of taking control of the conversation and provide them the information they need. As you will only be receiving messages from friends, the bot assumes it is safe to share such information with them. If they request your phone number, e-mail or some similar information, the bot will automatically reply providing the contact information.

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It saves you from the trouble of having to respond to them all. The person who wanted your email can directly message you and it is safe to skip the process in between which is handled by the NLP assistant. Messenger Platform is yet to receive a lot of popular and promised features like the ability to send money over the app. Payments on Messenger will simplify the entire process of making small transactions. A similar feature is also expected to be rolled out on the Whatsapp application as millions of users use it on a daily basis around the globe.

Instead of having to use Bank or other means to send money, like sum less than $100 can be handled using these apps. It is still in beta stage on Messenger as well as Whatsapp and might take a couple of months before it is rolled out everywhere.

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