Motorola Moto X4 is a Mid Range Phone, Pricing Confirmed

Motorola Moto X4

After the Moto X and the Moto Z Play series, Motorola is going to launch yet another range of smartphones with specifications geared towards those buyers who like to have the best price to performance ratio.

The smartphone market may sound increasingly crowded but the best ones that you could go for are usually made by Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and LG. The other phones are just there to fill up the space and hardly stay reliable in the long run. The Moto X4 is a promising mid-range smartphone which will most probably be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor or the 660. The pricing of the model has been leaked online which suggests that it could be an affordable handset with flagship like specifications and performance.

Motorola Moto X4 camera

According to a tweet by Roland Quandt, the X4 will be priced at 350 Euros in the European market. When converted into dollars and other denominations, it seems to be a great pick and the person who leaked the pricing confirmed that it is much cheaper than what they originally assumed. Buyers are largely interested in going with phones that are affordable so that they could purchase it outright and go with any mobile carrier with whom they are comfortable with. Flagship phones often tie them to a specific company which may levy exorbitant rates or impose bandwidth limits for a 2 year contract period.

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The upcoming Motorola Moto X4 is expected to be priced at $410 in the United States. It will be the entry level variant with a 32GB storage space and another variant with 64GB storage is also being rumoured. It will carry a slighter higher price tag but still be in the range that most buyers go for it without having to think much about making an investment.

Moto X4

In terms of specification, the manufacturer is going with a compatible screen size of 5.2-inches. The full HD display is easy to hold and operate. The phone’s 630 or the 660 Snapdragon processor will be appropriately supported with 3GB of RAM. While many manufacturers push the limit too much by using 6GB or 8 GB of RAM which is obviously an over kill for smartphones.Motorola has been quite clear in this regard by launching phones with reasonable specifications that make sense to the average customer. The model is expected to get launched at the IFA or an individual event organized by the brand.

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