Facebook Messenger for Web – Here’s Why You Should Make the Switch


Facebook Messenger has more than 800 million monthly active users. However, most, if not all, of these people access the app via their mobile devices.

Not so many are aware of the portal introduced last year where the same Messenger app can be accessed via a desktop. This app simply brings the same mobile experience to your desktop, but as you are about to find out, there is even much better experience from using Facebook Messenger for Web as opposed to sticking with the main Facebook site.

All you need is to direct your web browser to messenger.com and sign in with your usual credentials. If you are still having second thoughts about this move, here are some solid reasons for you to jump onto this bandwagon.

No News Feed

If you ever get annoyed at the News Feed junk that is all over your Facebook site, using Facebook Messenger for Web will take care of this. You will enjoy a clean private or group chat without having to be bombarded by posts from all over. With this platform, it means you can direct all your attention to what you want to without any distractions.

Desktop notifications

Facebook Messenger for Web allows users to add desktop notifications such that they never miss a thing on the platform. All you need is to hit the cog icon located in the top left corner and click on Settings and proceed by turning on desktop notifications. This must be confirmed via your web browser and there is even room to control notification sounds.

Customization options

It is possible to customize the appearance and feel of Facebook Messenger for Web. You can tweak the layout of the platform in a number of ways, just like with the mobile app. Individual conversations can have different colors and users can also play around with sidebar by hitting the “i” icon or even change the default emoji setting, among other things.

Facebook Messenger

No ads and gimmicks

You will enjoy using Facebook Messenger on the Web thanks to its fast and responsive nature. In addition, the platform gives you a clean interface that is free of ads. Users also get the chance to type on their most favored hardware – a physical keyboard – something that makes contributing to chats a lot easier. The desktop platform also makes it easy when it comes to searching and scrolling through conversations.

Well, is this enough for you to switch to using Facebook Messenger for Web?

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