Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Currently Receiving Android Marshmallow

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is no longer news, what has remained to be news is whether older smartphone models are being lined up for the update or not.

Well, if you still rock the older Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus that was announced and released in 2014 months after the release of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5, this should really be great news for you. Apparently, this device has begun receiving the Marshmallow update, a few weeks following the arrival of the OS on the Galaxy S5.

The latest update is meant for Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus versions with model number SM-G901F. As the “Plus” moniker denotes, this device was thought to be the fastest Android smartphone at the time of its release, even faster than the flagship model. It had an upgraded chipset as compared to what the Galaxy S5 came in with, meaning it boasted better and faster performance levels than the flagship handset.

Under the hood, the device packed a Snapdragon 805 SoC and a decent RAM of 2GB, specs that are still powerful enough to carry out a number of heavy tasks simultaneously without heavily impacting the performance of the phone. Now, to make sure that this device maintains its effective functionality as once thought, the manufacturers want it updated with the latest software – Android Marshmallow.

In a report put forward by Sam Mobile, it seems Samsung is making its final touches on matters of Marshmallow updates with respect to its compatible flagships. If anything, the update will not accommodate major devices that were released before 2014, namely Galaxy S4 and Note 3. Given that the update has already been availed on other 2014 models of the Galaxy S5, including Sprint’s Galaxy S5 Sport, Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus could well be among the last to receive this update.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Those receiving the Marshmallow update on the S5 Plus will see the phone’s build number jump to G901FXXU1CPE1 and the update is dated May 3.

As usual, the update will be rolling out in phases and as such, not all units of Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus will receive the update at once. Those in Germany can happily update their devices to the latest version while those in other regions can opt for a manual check via the About Phone settings, that is if waiting for an OTA update is not an option.

After the update, the device will receive features such as Google Now on Tap, Doze as well as improved app permissions control, among other additions.

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