Facebook Messenger to Get 3D Touch Support on Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, the second most popular messaging app after WhatsApp, will soon get support for one of the most innovative feature on Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

These two smartphones were unveiled last year and they came along with an interesting feature known as 3D Touch. While quite a number of apps have already jumped onto this bandwagon, Facebook Messenger for iOS is the latest to do so. Following this update, those using the newer iPhone 6S and its counterpart iPhone 6S Plus will be able to take advantage of direct Messenger commands that have now been tied to the pressure-sensitive screen technology.

With 3D Touch, those using the iPhone 6S can easily use the phone’s pressure-sensitive screen that responds to peek and pop commands. By pressing and holding the screen, users will be able to preview photos, contacts, location, conversations and much more. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger users will be able to peek at links shared via the app before opening them. It will even be possible to pop at the many stickers available on the app.

The upcoming support for 3D Touch on Facebook Messenger adds to the ongoing tests with respect to end-to-end encryption, a security protocol that will prevent any third parties, including Facebook themselves, to come in between chats you are having with your friends. This is already offered on Messenger’s rival, WhatsApp. However, Facebook Messenger has a different approach to employing this encryption technology. Unlike WhatsApp which has it enabled by default in every conversation, Messenger wants it disabled by default. This means that users will have the option to enter into encryption mode all chat outside this mode, just like what Google is doing with Allo.

Facebook Messenger

To enter into private mode, users will have to select Secret Conversation in the app. It gets even better as this mode will also let users set the time a message can last, be it 5 seconds or even more than 6 hours. When this is enabled, a message is only available for the recipient to view for the set period. Once this period expires, the message is automatically deleted.

Be warned that this end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger only works with text-based conversations. As for now, things like videos and GIFs are not supported.

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