No Need to Rush to Xbox One S, There’s a Much Better Xbox on the Way

Xbox One

It’s now official that the new Xbox One S will be available for purchase as from August 2. Even though this gaming console represents a significant upgrade, especially in the fact that it is 40% smaller and even more powerful than the original Xbox One, don’t be so too quick to upgrade to the new console.

The upcoming Xbox One S will be the first to come with a huge 2TB storage size. But this will come at a cost of $399. So, should you ditch your Xbox One for the new Xbox One S? Not so fast!

For starters, Xbox One S is a lot smaller in size than Xbox One. It gets even better with this small console as it is more powerful thanks to the fact that it has a faster processor which adds it the power to stream 4K videos from supported services such as Amazon Video or the popular Netflix. In addition to this, those who get the new Xbox One S will be able to enjoy Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. You’ll notice a major difference with the power supply, with the newer video game console having its unit locked inside as opposed to the Xbox One which has it hanging out. This also takes up a lot of space.

Where the Xbox One S can be stood and used when vertical, the Xbox One cannot. Another feature that the new console adds is known as HDR or rather High Dynamic Range, a feature that associated with premium TVs. In fact, this HDR feature, together with 4K video streaming will only be a plus to those with capable TVs. Otherwise, it will be of no use having it when your TV is a Full HD 1080p unit.

Apart from these notable additions, the upcoming Xbox One S is the same thing as the original Xbox One. You will even be able to migrate everything you have on your older console onto the new console without any compatibility issues. There is still room to preorder the 2TB Xbox One S now before it starts official sales early next month. The smaller 1TB and 500GB versions will be available for $349 and $299, respectively, in the near future.

Xbox One S

Have you already preordered a new Xbox One S? If not yet, well, you might want to read on because apparently, Microsoft wasn’t just working on the Xbox One S alone. There is another Xbox in the making, but if you want a new one this year, well, the best option is the One S. According to reports just coming in, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be coming in with a new Xbox in 2017 and it “will be the most powerful video game console ever built.”

Coming in as Project Scorpio, the 2017 Xbox will have no problem with 4K and HDR videos as well as games, similar to the capabilities introduced with the Xbox One S. However, unlike the latter, the former will add virtual reality gaming, but there is still no mention of which VR headsets will be supported. We already have the likes of HTC Vive VR, Sony PlayStation VR as well as Oculus Rift VR, but we don’t know whether all will be compatible with the said Project Scorpio Xbox.

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