Facebook Messenger Gets a Hidden Soccer Game to Coincide with UEFA Euro 2016 and Copa America Tournaments

Facebook Messenger

A large part of the world have their eyes transfixed onto France and the United States, not because of any other thing but football or soccer for that matter.

France is currently hosting the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament while the U.S. is hosting the Copa America and everyone wants to be part of. Facebook is the latest to do so, the company has updated its Messenger app for Android and iOS platforms to coincide with the two popular tournaments. In the new changelog, the social media network titan dares its users to test out a brand new hidden soccer game embedded within the app just like the basketball mini game we witnessed a few months ago.

In March, Facebook tucked a ridiculously addictive but fun basketball mini game within the Messenger chat app. Just like the basketball game, the new soccer game is super addictive but fun to play. However, it’s more of a virtual version of ‘keepie-uppie’ than real football. The aim of the game is to test how long you can keep the ball in the air without letting it touch the bottom of the screen.

Facebook games have emerged in the recent weeks but finding them has never been straightforward. These hidden games make the Messenger not just a chat service but a place that offers entertainment when the chats dry up. Here is a handy guide to enable you to unlock and play the latest Facebook Messenger digital version of ‘keep em ups’ soccer game.

How to unlock and play it

Getting the game is pretty simple, the process is similar to the one used to get the basketball game. You need to send an emoji to a Facebook friend and there you are! The game is started and you can waste some time.

  • The primary step is to install the new Facebook Messenger update.
  • When you are done, start a conversation with a friend or a group of friends.
  • Send a soccer ball emoji to the friend or group as a simple chat message.
  • Lastly, tap the soccer emoji you just sent.

Facebook Messenger

Alike the basketball mini game, the soccer mini-game will keep records of the high scores among everyone in the conversation. The high scores of all players are logged in the message feed, so each player can see them and perhaps the winner brags.  Remember the goal of the game is to keep the ball in the air as long as you can.

For a start, tap on the ball. Then continue tapping in a row to keep the ball from falling on the ground to increase your chances of netting the highest score. It sounds pretty easy, but that’s not the case. You will realize emojis popping up when your reaches 10 making it hard to keep an eye on the ball. All you need is to keep your head cool, be patient and control your blood pressure. Be warned, the game alike the basketball mini game is super addictive.

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