Facebook Messenger Home Screen Ads Might Probably Put Off Some Users

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a handy app for users who like to keep in touch with friends.

And, at least 90 percent of your friends will be on Facebook if not on any other app and communication is simplified with the chat app.

However, the company is now interested in making more revenue out of the app and maybe many of the regular users will not be delighted by this news. Facebook had confirmed that they will soon roll out home screen advertisements on the Messenger app. The particular ad format is being tested on all smartphones and mobile operating systems around the world. The beta phase has been underway for a long time now and it will soon be introduced to all users, out of the beta program.

facebookmessenger homescreen ads

The beta testing originally began in Thailand and later introduced in Australia as well as many unspecified regions. The number of ads on the homescreen could have been limited when it was still being tested but once officially announced, most companies would want to make use of this new advertising space. The competition would ensure there is one ad or the other for you to put up with when trying to message your friends using the Messenger app.

Facebook has confirmed that by the end of 2017, it will become yet another ad space. Talking about the rollout, Chudnovsky in his statement said, “We are not going to simply roll out all the ads on the messenger app but rather take things slow. For the algorithm table, it is difficult to analyse what an average user would want to see and it is mostly driven by data. We are yet to find a way to show relevant ads that would actually make sense and not be intrusive.”

facebook-messenger ad

A screenshot of the app with the advertisement on top has been posted online to give everyone an idea of what to expect. As with every other ad platform available online, it will yet again gather data from user perspective to know what they like and don’t like. Relevantads will be shown so that the chances of an individual clicking on it is high.

There are already plenty of ads on Facebook and Instagram, both owned by the same company. The sheer popularity Messenger has acquired in recent times encouraged the developers to experiment with more prominent ads that will have better conversion rate as they are to be shown in the home screen.

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