The Sims 4 Devs are Considering Cars and Pets for their Next Expansion Pack

sims 4 expansion

Instead of trying to come up with something of their own, the developers of the Sims 4 Maxis had decided to take in opinions from their own community, the players who play the game on a daily basis.

After all, these are the people who are going to pay and buy those expansion packs, stuff packs or the DLCs that they release. It is better to focus on their requirements. The first priority will be given to a stuff pack related to toddlers in the Sims 4. Reportedly, it will add new gameplay modes, entertainment items and things these young ones do within the game.

sims 4 toddlers

The first set of information came from Graham Nordone who spoke in length about what kind of DLC pack players should expect in the following months. While he did share some details, obviously it is not confirmed at the moment until Maxis works with Electronic Arts to make the final decision.

What’s in Stuff Pack for Toddlers?

As you might probably know already, stuff packs are limited in size and will have specific set of new things to explore than the expansion pack that expand the entire Sims universe. In the upcoming stuff pack for Toddlers, the young kids will be encouraged to make their own bed so that they become responsible adults. It is just one of the many ideas the team has and obviously there will be items pertaining to the toddlers in this pack.

sims 4 pets

Pets and Cars!!!

Really? It might sound really surprising because introducing cars in the Sims 4 could be a big move as it pushes the gameplay and the map to new levels. But, considering the minimum requirements for the game, it wouldn’t be so difficult. After all, the game had bicycles and bikes even on the N Gage version of the Sims many years ago.

The vehicle should allow them to get to places easily, especially work and attending parties in time. Apart from this, the pets DLC which is another expansion pack that is being anticipated for a long time will make its way to the title soon. As expected, it will have cats and dogs but the rich kids in the games will not have ponies or horses to play with. The gameplay will be focused on house pets like cats, dogs rather than trying to expand it outdoors so quickly. The Sims 4 packs are all unconfirmed at the moment but an announcement is expected soon.

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