Facebook Messenger Latest Version Released to Fix the Android Bugs


The official IM of the most loved social networking site Facebook, is the Facebook Messenger.

Being used by over 800 million users, it’s the most convenient way to reach out to loved ones at any nook and corner of the world in a flash. Thanks to the app and its creators, sending and receiving messages, sharing photographs and videos have become easier than ever.

Features of the Messenger

Communicating by voice without any expense! By using Facebook messenger, you can not only chat and send messages across, but can also make free voice calls and video calls to friends in your facebook account.

You can create a group for any particular event or for a group of people like “Family”, “School friends” etc., and constantly stay in touch with everyone in the group by messaging the whole group at one go, rather than having to reach each one individually.

The contacts in your phone can be synced to the messenger contacts and Voila! Everyone you could possibly know is on your messenger contact list. The most interesting feature about the messenger is the use of stickers. There is very less probability that there might not be a kind of sticker available in the collection for a required emotion or action, and these huge stickers help in personalizing the conversations.


The new version!

Since the Facebook Messenger is one of the most commonly used messaging applications, its being constantly improvised with better features every now and then. Almost a new version of the messenger is being launched every few days. There have been versions which have major changes and updates and few versions just to fix few unexpected bugs. The glitches need to be fixed to help the application run smoothly and with updated features. The recently released new Facebook version for android users is one such version with no new features but few updates to fix existing bugs.

The new version has a file size of 27.7MB and installed on devices which run on android versions of 5.0 and up. Though this new updated version has been released to fix bugs, there is every possibility that the users might still encounter few hitches since the application is a BETA update. It is best advised to download and install the updated version from Google Play store, to avoid any possible bugs.

So now download the new updated version of Facebook messenger and have hassle-free chats and conversations.

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  1. Hello, Tanya, Facebook updates the Messengers mostly every week, to make sure the messenger will be bug-free. I remember when I bought my first phone I got Messenger v20 — Now it’s around 63 :)

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