Samsung Galaxy Note 6: 5 Rumored Upgrades to Expect Over the Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung is known to accompany the flagship Galaxy S models with a phablet Galaxy Note model.

Last year Samsung Galaxy Note 5 came after the release of Samsung Galaxy S6. This year, we expect Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to come in following the release of Samsung Galaxy S7. Given the feature upgrades that the Galaxy S7 has brought when compared to the Galaxy S6, it is also obvious that Samsung will bump up the hardware specs of the Galaxy Note 6 when compared to its predecessor.

At the moment, rumors point to an August release for Samsung Galaxy Note 6, just like its counterpart did last year. This will mean the Note 5 has only been on the market for one year. While Samsung is still to confirm anything, the latest reports claim that the Note 6 might see an early release, probably in mid-July.

There are even further speculations that this year’s Galaxy Note 6, codenamed Grace, might be the last in the company’s Note series. With this in mind, the company is expected to come in with an even better phablet when compared to the magnificent Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Here’re some 5 upgrades to expect from Samsung’s new phablet.

Display size

With Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge shifting from last year’s 5.1-inch screen size used on the S6 Edge to a larger 5.5-inch screen, rumors have been rife that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might come in with a slightly larger screen as compared to the 5.7 inches that was installed on the Galaxy Note 5. Reports claim that the Note 6 will feature a Slim RGB AMOLED screen of 5.8 inches in size and the same resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels as the Note 5. This has not been confirmed by Samsung, though.


Even though there is no clarity about the size of display the Note 6 will come with, what is certain is that the phablet will feature upgraded features under the hood. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 packs an Exynos 7420 CPU and 4GB of RAM. Onboard storage is 32GB, which is not expandable. If this is not enough, there are also other options of 64GB and 128GB.

As far as Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is concerned, we expect Samsung to stick with the same Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 chipsets used in the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7. The former will come to the U.S. while the latter is meant for European market and others. There is still some uncertainty over the amount of RAM to come with the phablet, but some reports put it at 6GB. Unlike last year’s model, the Note 6 is expected to come with a microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 made its debut running on Android Lollipop, which is upgradable to the latest version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. While it is possible that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might debut with Android N on board, the most likely operating system to power the device out-of-the-box will be the latest version of Android Marshmallow. Expect an improved version of the TouchWiz to run on top of the stock Android OS, just like with the flagship Galaxy S7.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is installed with a 16MP sensor on the rear. The snapper has an aperture of f/1.9 and supports OIS. The front-facing camera has a 5MP snapper with the same aperture. With Samsung having dropped the megapixel count in this year’s Galaxy S7, reports claim that the same will happen for the Galaxy Note 6.

If this is true, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will feature a 12MP DualPixel sensor on the rear with an aperture of f/1.7. There are other rumors saying that the snapper will also receive Timeless Photo/Vivid Photo technology, but this cannot be confirmed. On the front part, Samsung will probably stick with the same 5MP snapper, but with better aperture of f/1.7.

Enhanced S Pen stylus

There are reports that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might come in with a hybrid S Pen stylus capable of dual functionality. This comes in following the filing of a patent by Samsung with respect to a unique S Pen that features dual functionality where a user can pull the Pen, bend it and lock it to come up with a stand.

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  1. 6GB of RAM and the SD card makes sense for a Note 6. As a dedicated Note 4 user I will vouch for the need for storage. IMO: Any phone or tablet that is memory challenged eventually becomes a burden for the user. We need as much RAM and memory both onboard and removable as possible. This is especially important for those of us that use our phones in favor of daily PC usage. We love to carry all our stuff with us rather than relying on Cloud service, etc.

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