Facebook Messenger Launches Group Video Chats on All its Platforms

Facebook Messenger

As the year is coming to an end, Facebook Messenger has decided to make it more exciting by launching a new feature that has been topping the request charts for quite some time, i.e. the ability to let the users host group video chats.

The Group Video Chat in Facebook Messenger is a simple and a seamless way to have a face-to-face connection with other users. The Group Video Chat will be rolling out on the desktop, Android, and iOS versions of Messenger on the global platform.

Facebook Messenger

There are a lot of people who prefer using group messaging for many different reasons like planning a group vacation, keeping friends and family up to date, to share anecdotes and jokes, and more. With almost 245 million people making video calls every month on the Messenger, Facebook is bringing to its users the ability to turn group chats into video conversations, irrespective of where they are, either right there down the street or even halfway across the world. When text is just not enough, the face-to-face video chatting in groups is just perfect for those unplanned spontaneous moments. So, be it sharing good news or sending out best wishes, it can all be done on a group through a video chat. Another feather in the cap for the iOS users is that they can see their friends live while they are wearing fun 3D masks in everyday conversations. This feature is available as of now only for the iOS users and is expected to arrive soon for the Android users too.

Here is How it Works

The Group Video Chat is a feature that is super easy to use and, of course, it is free without any extra subscription fee but will definitely need a good network connection. Although up to 6 people can be seen at the same time on the group video, almost up to a maximum of 50 people can choose to join in the chat. If there are 6 or fewer participants in a single call, then all the participants can be seen. However, if there are more than six people on the same call, only the dominant speaker will be seen by all the participants, whereas the other participants will just have to listen in or join the chat via voice, even if they are on the camera.

To start off with it, the users will first have to install the latest version of the Facebook Messenger. The users can then jump into the group conversation that already exists or create a new one. They can then start a video chat by just tapping on the video icon that is present at the top right of the screen and as soon as this done, everyone in the group will be notified about the video group chat. The people from the group can join in the video call with just a single tap. For the extra punch, Facebook Messenger also allows users to ping other people or the entire group directly, in case they are not responding to the group call.

Facebook Messenger Group Video Chats

The social networking company has been working rapidly off late to add many new features to its Messenger platform, which also included the whole revamping of its camera and now, the group video chat. With these updates and improvements, the Messenger has become a much more powerful chat app than what it was a couple of months ago. Just at the right time with the holiday season ahead, the group video chat feature will be rolling out to the Android, iOS and the desktop version of Messenger, to make video calling with friends and family an easy affair.

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