Mass Effect 2 is Free on Origin PC, Bioware has More Freebies Incoming

Mass Effect 2 Free on Origin PC

Commemorating the festive season, BioWare developers have started giving out freebies and the latest is Mass Effect 2 which is completely free to download and own for PC gamers.

The deal is now open on Electronic Arts game client Origin. While Battlefield players and other EA fans might have it installed ready to grab the offer, you can download it for Mass Effect 2. The game is very well worth your time and money err… not money because you are going to get it for free. The sweet deal is a great way for newbies to finally get into the world of Mass Effect and explore the rich storytelling it has to offer.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 developed by Bioware was originally released in the year 2010 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Playstation 3 actually got it a year later, but still it’s the same game! The science fiction roleplaying game is one of the benchmark titles in the series and paved way for many others in the following years, including the new Andromeda. PC gamers always enjoy freebies especially in the past few months. Ubisoft gave out so many classic titles and when they finished their giveaway campaign, they threw in Assassin’s Creed III for free.

Now, it’s Bioware’s turn to show how generous they are. The new free game on Origin PC is just the beginning as the company in their Twitter account has promised that many more titles are inbound. Electronic Arts has a tradition of giving On the House games and right now it is Dungeon Keeper. While EA gives its fair share of free, good titles, this one seems to be an exclusive offer from the developer and has nothing to do with the original publisher.

The sci-fi roleplaying game was critically acclaimed when it got launched on 2010. While PC gamers can get Mass Effect 2 for free, there is no word on rolling it out to PS3 or Xbox 360 console owners. The easy backward compatibility aspect available on Windows platform always makes it easy for developers to give away old titles without a fuss. Consoles may not enjoy this feature as they were never designed to be the sole gaming platform that is designed to be used for decades without any major modification.

Mass Effect 2 Free on Origin PC

Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry about because Mass Effect 2 would easily run on even laptops and low end computers. It was released more than five years ago and modern day machines can run it with ease. Mass Effect Andromeda, the next gen title for PS4, Xbox One and PC is scheduled for launch next year.

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