Facebook Messenger Redesigned to Include Birthday Reminders and Home Tab

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s standalone messaging app, the Messenger has a user base of 900 million and is still going strong.

So it makes a lot more sense when the company is trying to push out new updates and changes for the users to make the conversations even more interesting and easier. The Messenger app has now been redesigned to add a few new features that include birthday reminders, a Home tab and an entirely new section for Favorites.

Facebook Messenger  has left no stone unturned to make it a better place for social networking and its revamped design has a Home tab with the recent messages on top instead of simple conversation thread in the inbox, a list of the favorite contacts, all the people who are currently available online and birthday reminders.

The Favorite’s Section

The new updated interface of the Messenger app will now show all the recent messages on the top of the screen after the app has been launched. This will be now followed by a new section for Favorites. This Favorites section includes the people from the friends list whom the user holds conversations very frequently.

The Birthday Reminders

Another new feature that is added to the Facebook Messenger is the Active Now section. In this section, the app will display all the people from your friend’s list who are currently available online. There will also be a section for Birthday Reminders, which will show the list of people who are celebrating their birthday that day, hoping that the user will promptly convey them the wishes.

Facebook Messenger Birthday Reminders

According to a report, Messenger claims that the new redesign is aimed at making the Messenger a simpler and a better place to use for the users by presenting appropriate and relevant information. The Messenger app is now constituted with a search bar which is present at the top of the screen. This search bar will display the results exactly like that of the Facebook mobile search.

The Messenger team from Facebook announced the introduction of the new redesign through a blog post. The post read that until now many networking services and inbox feats have not been able to keep up with the new and modern ways for people to stay connected. So the Facebook Messenger team came up with a plan that paves a way to make things easier and simpler on what is needed to start a conversation.

Facebook Messenger had also recently reintroduced the facility to support SMS messages within the app itself. The company officially confirmed the news and reported that this feature will be available for all the Android users when an updated version is released. This integration of SMS with instant messaging services promises a better SMS experience by using different stickers, voice-clips etc.

Facebook Messenger recently introduced a new football game called the “Keepy Up” as a tribute to the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championship. This new emoji game can be found hidden like an Easter egg within the app.

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