Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Group Video Chatting Feature – LiveChill with Friends using Selfie Masks

Facebook Messenger video chatting

The latest group video chatting feature rolled out by Facebook Messenger on the 19th of December is aimed at bridging distances.

Mitigating Distances

For those of you who are not with your family or friends this holiday season, there is still hope. Facebook Messenger launched its group chatting feature yesterday in order to mitigate distances.

Facebook Messenger Video Group Chat

For All Platforms

This has been among the most eagerly awaited features for the application. According to Facebook, the video chatting feature will also be immediately rolled out for the Android and iOS phones and devices as well as the PC version of the application all over the world.

Group Chatting

According to a blog post that Facebook made yesterday, there are more than 245 million people who use the video calling feature on Facebook Messenger each month. Now the company is bringing the group chatting in face-to-face conversation, all over the world.

Group Video Chatting

The new group video chatting feature of Facebook Messenger will allow a maximum of fifty members to join in a single group. They can merely listen to others or even join the group through audio or opt for the video chatting. If the number of people on the call reaches six, all the participants of the group can see the main speaker, according to Facebook.

How To Use

In order to get the benefit of the new group video calling feature, users must install the latest version of the application. All you need to do to avail the group chatting feature is to move on to an existing conversation in a group or even create a new conversation for the group. You must then tap on the video icon that is visible on the top right corner of the screen.

Split Screen

Six members can be seen in the split screen at one time and they can also don their selfie masks, while fifty members can have the audio or the video, sending stickers, emoticons or GIFs.


The new feature is more than just a means of seeing each other on video or sending information. Users can livechill with their friends and hang out on the application for a longer period of time. According to Facebook, the Facebook Messenger group video offers the perfect way of spending time with friends when texting alone is just not enough.

Selfie Masks

Facebook Messenger video chatting

The feature for group video chatting on Facebook Messenger starts to roll out for Android and iOS devices as well as the web today. However, users with Android phones will need to wait some time to get the selfie masks, which are powered by MSQRD. They might never be available for the PC. The selfie masks are free with Wi Fi but there will be data charges in case of a data connection.

Beating the Competition

The launch of the new group video chat feature will probably make Facebook Messenger the most popular platform for video chatting. Users can specifically select some friends or select some group text threads for inviting to the video call.

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