Facebook Messenger UI Redesigned for a Seamless Inbox Experience

Facebook messenger

Facebook is still pushing on with the mission to make Messenger a one stop shop where you get all you want within a chat, connect with friends and businesses.

With Facebook Messenger, you can do more than chatting; send emojis that are now more diverse than before, get news delivered to you in the manner you like most, make a video call and much more. The social network giant, like other networks, is obsessed with bots that do virtually everything for you. From making restaurant reservations, booking flights, to summoning a cab – you will find them all in one place.

Facebook has taken a step ahead in its mission by changing the Messenger’s inbox experience. Facebook thinks most chatting apps have not kept abreast with the current ways people connect. The company has now configured how to make it easier and simpler to find what you want to start a conversation. Facebook Messenger is currently rolling out an update that redesigns the standard UI into a variety fascinating ways.

New Home screen

Instead of the familiar scroll of conversations, the changelog organizes Facebook Messenger chats into recent conversations right at the top of your screen, highlighting most recent messages. It’s followed by Favorites section, active users, and messages awaiting a reply. Handy reminders are also finding their ways into the chat app, a convenient shortcut that reminds you of people celebrating birthdays has also been added. The favorites list is pre-populated according to the people you communicate with most. The active users, on the other hand, identifies friends or colleagues on Facebook Messenger or browsing Facebook at the moment, you might spot a good friend online which might prompt you to say hello.

The company has also enhanced the search feature to let you find whatever you are looking for even if the message was sent several years ago. Facebook product manager Andrew Song hopes the change will help in expanding and opening up the Messenger’s functionalities to more people.

Facebook messenger encryption feature

Facebook, unlike the likes of Google or Apple, does not have its own mobile operating system or hardware to force you into its products and services. So it makes sense why the company is doing all these, but in a way it has succeeded to capture the attention and time of most users. The latest stats say Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users while Messenger has 900 million. This quite huge for a platform with no mobile operating system or hardware. The change of design may look simple, but will play a great role of lure more people into the app.

Is the reason for the new design genuine?

The customary view of the list of conversations was pretty straightforward. The chats were organized in the chronological order based on the time you engaged them. A set of tabs at the top to access calling, group chats, a list of active users and a personal profile. To start a chat was equally simple, simply tap the floating plus button then search for the name you wanted to send a message. To some extent the new design looks much complicated, the conversations are now broken into chunks and there is a search bar and the top seizing the position that was occupied by tabs, which have been pushed to the bottom of the screen. This makes us think of Facebook’s intention to monetize Messenger.  Maybe the new design will expose monetized conversations that would have been buried in the old chronological model. Could this be a secret plan for Facebook to secretly direct you to recommended chats? Remember this just a theory there is nothing to substantiate it yet, but it’s absolutely true that Facebook is considering monetization of its messaging platforms.

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