Facebook Messenger vs. Google Hangouts – Who is the Winner?


Facebook Messenger offers a one-stop location for users to send a photo, video, emoticon as well as money.

Messenger was separated from the Facebook application and is a stand-alone app by itself. Google offers a dedicated site for Hangouts and is popular for group chatting of a maximum of ten members. It has grown to be a great platform for communication. So, let’s put them together to see which one scores over the other.

Video Calling Dominated by Google

The video conferencing feature has been the dominant and most alluring one in Google Hangouts. Achieving this feature calls for plenty of bandwidth and the patience for talking with so many people simultaneously. The application is able to detect the member speaking currently and manages to switch the feed to that person. All the other members go to the thumbnail position till another person starts talking.

As for Facebook Messenger, it is not popular for video calls, as it offers only the basic one on one calling and that too a very mediocre experience. You can make a video call from Facebook site or from the mobile Messenger application but it does not offer support on the website messenger.com.

Video calls can also be customized in Hangouts, for instance, by using Draw for doodling and sketching. In addition, users can share YouTube videos and watch them together.

What Facebook Messenger Dominates In

As for the rest of the features, Facebook Messenger manages to dominate Hangouts. Messenger allows users to have group conversations and offer titles or share images, videos, links and so on. The application has plenty of stickers, apart from the usual emojis. The stickers are big and come in different themes that users can download without payment. All this adds fun to the conversation.

You can make both audio and video calls with both the application, but the audio call is not supported on the website in case of Messenger.

Sending Money through Messenger

This is a very interesting feature in Facebook Messenger, as you can send money quickly to your friends. All you need to do is to type the figure for the amount you want to transfer and then offer the debit card details. Messenger also remembers these details. It is a great way of sending money and receiving it through this application. However, this feature currently works only for users in the United States who are on Facebook.

Greater Access with Messenger

This is undeniably its greatest advantage, as Messenger is a product of Facebook, which has a massive user base of more than a billion users. It is most likely that all of your friends are on Facebook, which makes it easy to chat with them, send photos, make video calls or send money, as almost everyone now has an account with Facebook.

What’s the Verdict?

Facebook Messenger clearly scores with its different features and the tools that are available for chatting and communicating. It has a massive user base, with many of them being active users, so this is something unbeatable. However, if you are more into making video calls rather than messaging, you are better off with Hangouts.

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