Google Hangouts Free Download – Unlocking Some Cool Options

google hangouts

Though there are many messaging apps and platforms, Google Hangouts continues to remain a popular one for streaming video.

It is available on Google + and has a dedicated website, where you can have video conferences with a maximum of ten people and also have a one to one conversation. You can click on the green icon on the top right corner of the Google + page or you can also install it on your Chrome browser in order to access it directly without opening Google. It was previously known as Google Chat or GChat, but the latter was not as versatile as Hangouts has turned out to be, whether it is on your desktop or on your mobile. Let’s check out some of the cool features.

Drawing Doodles

Google Hangouts allows users to draw a humorous doodle and it is really fun. The function is not immediately obvious, so you need to place the mouse on the mountain icon at the bottom right in the chat section. You will find the pencil icon and by clicking on it, you can start drawing simple pictures in the work area, using different brushes, shapes or colors and transparency. By clicking on Send, the doodle will appear on your messaging window. Any of the people whom you chat with can edit your images using the mouse to bring in a pencil on the top corner. This will allow you to have a doodle conversation, each time bringing in the new doodle in the main messaging window. You can also add an image and doodle on it, by using the camera icon.

Using Emojis

Some things can be better said with emojis, rather than words. There are many cartoonish characters found on Hangouts, so if you don’t want to type a word, you can find plenty of emojis to express the emotion you are feeling. Click on the smiley on the bottom left in the chat box. A pop up window appears and you can select from the emojis or scroll to the right to access more emoticons. When you click on one of them, it gets added in the chat window and you can even doodle on the emoji by hovering over the emoji and using the pencil that appears.

Add a Picture

Apart from smileys, emoticons and doodles, you can also bring in pictures to your conversation. Click on the mountain scene on the bottom right and you get a selection of tabs. For instance, you can click on Upload photos for bringing in a file from the computer or dragging it for upload. Another option is the Auto Backup feature that brings in pictures that were automatically taken by Google from your Android phone. Photos allow you to upload images from the Google Photos. Albums offer you images from previous chats, whereas Video Search allows users to search for a particular link on YouTube. The Web Camera option allows the user to take a still photo and send it to the person you are chatting with. You can also use the doodle on any of these.

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