Facebook Pays $10,000 to a 10-Year Old for Hacking Instagram

Facebook and Instagram

According to Facebook, one must be at least 13 years old to be eligible to join the social networking platform. However, a young 10-year old Finnish kid has defied the odds by actually receiving a cash bag full of $10,000 from the social networking giant.

The young Jani, whose full name was not revealed, received the prize after successfully uncovering a vulnerability in one of Mark Zuckerberg’s ventures – Instagram. The Finnish kid becomes the first 10-year old to win a bug prize from Facebook and in fact, he is actually the youngest. The young Jani discovered an Instagram bug that could easily allow users to delete any comment made on the photo and video sharing platform.

In the report, it was revealed that the wunderkind discovered that it was possible to tweak the code on the servers of Instagram and the result would be deleted words from users’ accounts. The kid even joked that he could easily eliminate anyone, including some of the most followed accounts on the platform, for instance, Justin Bieber. To showcase his capabilities, the kid went ahead to delete a post made by the company (Facebook) on a test account.

Vulnerability already taken care of

Despite the fact that the news of Jani being handed with a bug bounty worth $10,000 from Facebook, this vulnerability was discovered earlier in the year. A Facebook spokesperson assured users that the patch was released late in February, meaning that the hole has been sealed. As for Jani’s bounty, he received it in March. The hole exploited by Jani was located in a private API that was not properly checking whether or not the person deleting a comment is actually the same person who published it.

Facebook and Instagram

The Jani-discovered bug is not the only one to have been found on Instagram over the past few months. In December 215, a bug that could allow hackers to gain access to one’s Instagram data was discovered by a researcher known as Wes Wineberg, however, unlike Jani, he was not rewarded for doing so. According to Facebook, Wineberg went too far in trying to prove his point.

Before Jani, the previous youngest person to receive the Facebook bug bounty prize was aged just 13.

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