How to Automatically Delete Unwanted WhatsApp Photos on Android

Whatsapp for android

WhatsApp has become a hot favorite instant platform-independent messaging app among almost everyone across the globe.

With the free app, you can send audio clips, documents, images, and even videos within the specified size limit. All this stuff get automatically downloaded and saved in your smartphone. The downside to this is that they eat up a lot of storage space on your handset and can slow it down. While some of them are informative, there are others that are quite interesting but really of not any use after you view them once. Some examples of these include selected videos and images with phrases or motivational quotes. Very often, you find yourself undertaking a time consuming processes of going through the WhatsApp received content, selecting the undesirable stuff and deleting them.

Since most of these messages come from people really close to you, blocking them is possibly not a practical solution. Muting WhatsApp groups is not a feasible option either as downloads still take place. If you use the File Manager app, the app just locates the WhatsApp folder and deletes all the files in it. You could end up losing even those files that you actually need.

The good news is that you can now opt for automatic deletion and yet not lose wanted content on Android smartphones using an app called Magic Cleaner. Developed by an Indian startup Siftr, this app essentially works on the same principle adopted by Cloud Vision, the image recognition API developed by Google. The app uses its developer’s image recognition engine and quickly analyses the images for deletion on Siftr’s own server using cloud technology with the assistance of neural networks and deep learning principles. In other words, the analysis is not done locally on your device.

Delete Useless Whatsapp Photos

After the app is downloaded and installed, it automatically begins to scan the WhatsApp app and all folders related to the app. Even without any settings, Magic Cleaner starts looking out for all possible useless files that include memes, cartoons, screenshots, and other files it thinks worthy of deletion. After the scan is over, the files are automatically sorted into different categories for your review followed by deletion. The app will provide you with an option to delete the files decided by the app and an option to make your own choice from the selected files. Once you have chosen the desired option, you can go ahead with the deletion. This action is permanent and you cannot undo the changes under any circumstance. So, it is truly advisable that you do a careful review of the files selected before you actually go ahead with the deletion. After all, no one or no app knows better than you which files you deem important and are worth saving on your device.

The screen layout of the app is quite interesting with the picture of a doctor on it who addresses himself as Professor Kleen. When you get the app into action, you can watch him segregate the content into two groups – one that contains content that are of importance and need to be retained and the other that consists of the files to be deleted.

Do remember that Magic Cleanerrequires an active Internet connection to perform the deletion. It does not matter if you use a 3G/4G or a Wi-Fi connection. Yet, it is of utmost importance that you ensure the connection is steady and will not get interrupted when the app is in use.

Magic Cleaner can be considered as one of the apps that you must definitely have on your smartphone. But, do bear in mind that at present, the free app has its own limitations. It can auto delete only a selected number of images in a day. To override this preset number, you must invite a friend to use this app and he/she should do so. The other alternative is to wait for the next day to use the app again. Either way, it can be safely said that Magic Cleaner really does wonders by helping you always have ample memory on your smartphone without running short of storage space.

While there is only an Android version of the app, there is hope for Apple lovers. The company is currently in the process of developing an iPhone version of the app.

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