Facebook to Roll Out Original Content TV-Like Shows from Mid June


Facebook is preparing to roll out original content and shows scheduled to begin in the middle of June.

It is reported that Facebook has given the green signal for several shows and that these have gone into production.

Go Signal

According to reports from Business Insider, Facebook has started the production of the shows and is looking two categories of shows. There are the high quality shows, similar to the types seen on Netflix, such as House of Cards along with a second category of short type of shows that can be created quickly. These would be refreshed every day.

Episodic Show Content

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, had stated in February that visitors could go to the site and view episodic content. This is a part of the company’s efforts to present itself as one of the strong contenders in the TV arena. Facebook obviously wants to cash in on the advertising money that is available on television on an annual basis, this being a billion-dollar business opportunity.

Retaining Users

By offering a scripted program and shows, Facebook will be able to retain members, as the younger share of the demographic has slowly moved on to rival app Snapchat. It is not known as to how the original Facebook shows will play out and whether users will be convinced to stay on the platform for more traditional types of programs and shows. It is also not known as to whether the shows of the longer category can be viewed on the social networking site itself or whether it will be offered as a standalone serviced with subscription. As far as the smaller clips are concerned, Facebook has already tasted success in the short format type of video clippings on its website.


VR Dating Program

Much is not known regarding the content of the original programs of Facebook. However, Facebook has given the go ahead for a VR reality program concerned with dating created by Conde Nast Entertainment. In this virtual reality program, people can meet on a VR platform, before they meet face to face, states Business Insider, quoting an anonymous source.

Top Celebrities and Stars

Another news claims that Facebook has booked top A listed celebrities for starring in some of the original shows and that a Hollywood A list star is attached to one of the shows. However, there is no news regarding the celebrities who will star in the shows.

Competing With YouTube

With the latest upcoming original programs and shows, Facebook will undoubtedly come to compete with YouTube. YouTube has also announced on the 4th of May that it would offer financial support for original shows starring A list names like Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres. The YouTube shows will have support from ads, so everyone can watch it for free.

Ads in Programs

Eventually, Facebook will be moving on to revenue-shared programs using ads that appear in the videos. First, Facebook will get the rights for the shows and it will later recoup the amount after introducing the ads. However, things are still in the early stage and Facebook is now only a social media website and it will take some time to become a dedicated platform for video streaming programs.